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Our Mission
William R. Laurie originally founded American Heritage Schools as a tutoring service almost 60 years ago. American Heritage Schools has since grown into one of the largest and highest-ranked private schools in the nation. We have stayed close to our roots by continuing to provide individualized, one-on-one tutoring for your child. All tutoring is done by our experienced American Heritage educators, so you know you are getting the best.
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Have your child tutored by the best private school educators in the nation!

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"When my children needed academic support beyond the classroom, the first place I turned was the tutoring department at American Heritage Schools. As a parent and member of the American Heritage Schools family for 16 years, I knew that they would be able to find me the best tutor, and that they did. We have worked with the same math tutor for over six years. She has always been professional, patient, and caring and, above all, because of her support, my children succeeded beyond all expectations."

― Robin DeStefano

"I was picked to receive the Algebra 2 Math Award for my class this year! Thank you so much for this year of tutoring. You've been an amazing help! Stay safe."

― Harrison Ross