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Pre-Engineering Program

Recent graduates from the pre-professional program are currently attending ...

Unique College Level Curriculum

Honors Introduction to Engineering Design

Honors Principles of Engineering 

Honors Digital Electronics

Honors Engineering Design and Development 

Honors Physics or AP Physics

AP Calculus AB  

AP Statistics

AP Computer Science Principles 

Architecture Design I 

Architecture Design II 

Computer Science Essentials 

Honors Pre-Engineering Internship 



The four-year Pre-Engineering program culminates in a senior year internship when students experience the practice of engineering in real life. Seniors leave campus a few times per week to rotate through different engineering firms throughout South Florida. There are several different industries represented in the internship, such as biomedical engineering, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, and software engineering. The connections our seniors make with practicing engineers and their companies are invaluable and often result in future university acceptances and jobs. 

Some of our partner companies are listed below: 

  • DPR Construction

  • Aerothrust LLC

  • AVI Aviation safety

  • Process Map

  • Ultimate Kronos Group

  • Hoebriger

  • Seal Aftermarket

  • Triton Submarines

Societies, Community Service, and Competitions


Pre-Engineering students participate for all four years in the Pre-Engineering Society and various engineering-related clubs. The monthly meetings feature guest speakers such as prominent engineers, successful business owners, and astronauts.

Community Outreach

The Pre-Engineering Society works closely with the Lighthouse of Broward, a non-profit organization that serves the blind and visually impaired in South Florida. The students host numerous fundraising events and community activities benefiting Lighthouse youth programs, interact with children, participate in events, and create solutions that help others with physical challenges. The students are always cultivating their innovative ideas in the community. In conjunction with their final capstone project, seniors created a swim cap for visually impaired swimmers to help them detect their position in the swim lane. In another project for youth baseball, students are developing a system with a sensor sleeve to detect pitch force and an app to calculate when the pitcher is approaching practice limits to warn the coach before an injury occurs.


American Heritage has been regional champions in elementary, middle, and high school robotics competitions through the FRC (First Robotics Competition), FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge), and regional champions in engineering competitions sponsored by SECME.