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Computer Science Program

Recent graduates from the pre-professional program are currently attending ...

Unique College Level Curriculum
This program is currently available at Broward Campus only

Honors Computer Science Essentials

Honors Programming with a Purpose 

AP Computer Science A 

AP Computer Science Principles

Honors Cyber Security & Defense

Honors Data Architecture 

Honors Web/App Development

Honors Machine Learning & AI 

Honors Senior Internship


Societies, Community Service, and Competitions


The Computer Science Society’s main purpose is to help promote interest in computer science and extend the love for coding to the outside community.

Community Outreach

The computer science program partnered with two local chapters from the Boys and Girls Club and visits once a month to teach the children how to code using a program developed by MIT called Scratch. A peer tutoring program is in place for our own AHS students who need extra help in any computer science.


The computer science students participate in a number of competitions including the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO), UCF High School Programming Tournament, The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and the Cyber Patriot US Airforce.

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