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DYLAN CAHILL - AHS Class of 2014

Dylan Cahill

Dylan Cahill has kept very busy as a student at Dartmouth College these past two and a half years. A biology major on the pre-med track, he's also minoring in earth science, "just out of interest for the subject, and because I get to go on this awesome trip!" he says.

The trip was a 10-week earth science foreign study program that took Dylan and a group of like-minded Dartmouth students through Canada and some of the national parks in the western United States, including Glacier, Yellowstone, Zion, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. From hiking up mountains wearing helmets (for safety) and orange vests (for hunting season), to mapping, bio-assessments of streams, and exploring an old mining site from WWII, Dylan gained valuable knowledge and lifelong friendships.

Back at Dartmouth, Dylan is a research assistant through two different programs - Presidential Scholars and Sophomore Science Scholars - at two different labs - Sloboda Biology Research Lab and Sharma Earth Science Geochemistry Lab. Some of the life-altering work he has been doing is extractingChlamydomonas DNA to understand the mechanism of flagellar regeneration and maintenance, as well as measuring Boron isotopes and analyzing drinking water samples around campus for lead isotope composition and concentration.

This past summer, Dylan volunteered with a group of Dartmouth students in an organized effort, which he co-chaired, to help cancer patients. They worked together to provide basic services to the terminally ill, such as house and yard work, as well as cooking meals for them.

All these experiences will help lead to Dylan's ultimate goal of making a positive global health impact through science and medicine.

When asked how American Heritage impacted him as a student at Dartmouth, Dylan says, "Heritage prepared me for college academics. Though I didn't realize it at the time, the study strategies I developed in challenging classes at AHS helped make my transition into the demands of college life at Dartmouth much smoother."

His advice to Heritage students? "Take advantage of the clubs and opportunities at AHS, because high school is a great time to learn what your interests are, which you may carry into college. My activities at AHS gave me confidence to join the club Ultimate Frisbee team at Dartmouth, where I've met some of my best friends. High school is also a great time to gain leadership experience in these clubs, that you can bring with you to college and beyond."

Dylan is on an express road to success. With his work ethic coinciding with his taking advantage of opportunities that most interest him, he will continue to excel and make a positive mark on our world.