Clear Backpack Guidelines



All backpacks and other bags carried by students on campus at any time must be clear. Any clear backpack/bag can be used as long as it meets the following requirements: 

  • Plastic must be entirely clear and may not be tinted a particular color or contain designs of any type.
  • Students may not obstruct the view of the backpack in any way or cover the backpacks in stickers (one small sticker for identification will be allowed).
  • Students may have a small privacy pouch in their backpacks to carry personal items.
  • Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, all lunch boxes must also be clear. 
  • All other items carried to school must be in a clear backpack, bag, or tote.

You may purchase and use any backpack/bag that meets the above requirements. 



Our preferred vendor is The Smarty Company. They provide customer service 7 Days a Week and all of their products are backed by a 180 Day warranty. If you experience any issues at all, they will send out a replacement for you. The Smarty Pre-Order has ended. However, if you did not pre-order a backpack from Smarty, you may still receive a 15% discount on a Smarty Bag by using the code: AHSchool15 


Clear Backpack