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The Great College Search

3 reasons why college tours and fairs matter The college admissions process is grueling and stressful. An entire school career culminates in the final two years of high school

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Is It Time for a Digital Detox?

4 tips for encouraging your children to take a break from digital devices. How much time do your children spend staring at a screen? Whether a laptop, smartphone, iPad or video game, your child’s eyes are directed toward digital devices more than ever.

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Learning Financial Responsibility

Why is it important for students to learn financial skills?

Your grandmother may have encouraged you to save for a rainy day, but many young people struggle to make good use of financial resources.

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The Future of Business Starts in High School

The Business and Entrepreneurship Program at American Heritage School. Entrepreneurship is part of the American story. As younger generations move into the workforce, we are also seeing an upswing in the number of young people interested in business careers

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