Fine Arts Scholarship



Fine Arts Scholarships are granted to current 8th grade students who will be entering the 9th grade.

Fine Arts Scholarships are designed for the student who is dedicated to their art and possibly planning for a career in the arts. Each scholarship student's schedule will include two electives, as assigned, in the Fine Arts. Students on scholarship will be expected to be leaders in their discipline, both in and out of the classroom. After school performances will be required as part of the scholarship contract.

These scholarships are granted in five different disciplines, (Musical Theatre/Voice, Dance, Band, Orchestra Theatre Tech) on an audition basis only.  There are no scholarships for piano, guitar or visual arts. The audition requirements for each discipline are listed below.

Please note any student may take the audition but to accept a fine arts scholarship a student must first be accepted into the school. Those auditioning must complete the school’s application (Click Here to Apply) by the Friday before the actual audition.

If you are a CURRENT AHS STUDENT you do not have to fill out the application. If you are also applying for Academic Scholarship and/or General Admissions, you will only need to complete one school application; your completed admissions application for the Academic Scholarship and/or General Admissions will be sufficient.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions department at 954-472-0022 extension 3021

Every student auditioning is required to call and set up an audition time.  (Dancers must call to register to secure a spot, but they will all arrive at the same time for their audition.) (Theatre Technicians call for a time for an interview with the Technical staff.)  Mr. Moccia will accept calls for appointments between January 15 and January 29. 954-472-0022 ext.3273