Fine Arts Scholarship



Fine Arts Scholarships are granted to current 8th grade students who will be entering the 9th grade.

Fine Arts Scholarships are designed for the student who is dedicated to their art and possibly planning for a career in the arts. Each scholarship student's schedule will include two electives, as assigned, in the Fine Arts. Students on scholarship will be expected to be leaders in their discipline, both in and out of the classroom. After school performances will be required as part of the scholarship contract.

These scholarships are granted in five different disciplines, (Musical Theatre/Voice, Dance, Band, Orchestra Theatre Tech) on an audition basis only.  There are no scholarships for piano, guitar or visual arts. The audition requirements for each discipline are listed below.

Please note any student may take the audition but to accept a fine arts scholarship a student must first be accepted into the school. Those auditioning must complete the school’s application (Click Here to Apply)and bring it with you to your audition, unless you have already turned it in to admissions.

If you are a CURRENT AHS STUDENT or are taking the ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP TEST, you do not have to fill out the application.

Every student auditioning is required to call and set up an audition time.  (Dancers must call to register to secure a spot, but they will all arrive at the same time for their audition.)

Starting January 22nd 8:00 am and through February 7th 2:00 pm, you may call Mr. Moccia or Mrs. Case at 954-472-0022 ext. 3273 to register.

MUSICAL THEATER/VOICE February 11 and 12


2 songs of contrasting nature from the following sources:

(CD or MP3 with no vocals or sheet music in appropriate key is acceptable)

  • Rodgers/Hammerstein
  • Lerner/Lowe
  • Schwartz (before 1990)
  • Bernstein
  • Herman
  • Sondheim (Before 1990)

One monologue

  • 2 minutes in length
  • Contemporary
  • Age-appropriate

Please bring a head shot or a recent picture attached to a brief resume of any music or theatre experience in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

DANCE February 19


  • Dress: Ladies, Black Leotard and pink convertible tights. Gentlemen, all black.

  • Students will arrive (warmed up) between 3:00 and 3:25 PM. During this time they may register and stretch.
  • At 3:30 PM everyone will do a 30 minute Ballet Barre. (After this, some students will be asked to remain and others will be released)
  • At 4:00 PM the remaining students will perform a 2 minute, self-choreographed solo of any style. Unless the student is at a very high level of pointe, it is recommended that they not do a pointe solo. (After the solos are completed, some students will be asked to remain and some students will be released.

  • At 5:00 PM the remaining students will sing a prepared Musical Theatre solo for Mr. Moccia, the Musical Theatre Director. The sheet music and the accompaniment will be posted on this site in the near future. The student will memorize and sing the solo with this EXACT accompaniment track.
  • Please bring a head shot or recent picture attached to a brief resume or any dance experience in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

BAND February 20



ORCHESTRA February 20

Violin, Viola, Cello Requirements

  • 2 prepared pieces of contrasting styles – must be at least grade level 4
  • (A single level of a concerto is considered to be one piece.)
  • Accompaniment is optional
  • Your choice of 2 of the following major Scales and Arpeggios in 3 octaves G, D. A, C. Bb
  • Sight reading

Bass Requirements

Same requirements as above, except Scales and Arpeggios must be 2 octaves

Theatre Tech February 12

Students interested in a Theatre Tech Scholarship must:

1. Write a letter or email to Mr. Moccia This letter should contain the reasons you want to be involved in Theatre Tech. It should include your name, your parent’s name, your address, your phone numbers, and your parents’ emails.

2. In a separate letter or email, please send a "resume" of any and all things involving art, show production, design, volunteering at a theatre, professional experience ... or more. With your name on it.

3. Please send one letter of reference from a teacher or someone in the theatre tech field.

After reading the information, the committee will select a few candidates to come to American Heritage for a personal interview (February 12). All candidates, receiving an interview or not, will be contacted by telephone.