Areas of Study

Band Studies Program

The Band Department begins teaching students in the Fourth Grade with recorder. In the following years, students learn to play true band instruments and continue their musical development through to their Senior year in High School. Band is a co-curricular class that involves participation in and outside of the classroom. Students are taught basic theory that is reinforced through various levels of compositions. Each student is provided with opportunities to perform as a soloist, in chamber groups, and a multitude of large ensembles, such as Concert Band, Marching Band, and Symphony Orchestra.

Choral and Piano Studies Program

AHS Piano program offers students the opportunity to take group piano, but progress on an individual basis. With a maximum of 15 students in a class, each student may enter at his/her level and develop from that point. Each student will gain knowledge and proficiency in technical study, music reading skills, music vocabulary, scales, dynamics, tempos, quality literature, and performance. Performance opportunities include: concerts, Fine Arts Festivals, County, District, and State competitions.

Choral Department:

AHS Choral program is comprised of the Acappella Singers (auditioned choir), Mixed Concert Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Jr. High Chorus, and 5th & 6th grade choirs. Our performance ensembles provide students with experience in quality vocal production techniques and part singing, as well as an emphasis on quality choral literature from a variety of periods and styles, and the development of fundamental and advanced skills in vocal tone production, choral performance techniques, musical literacy, and music appreciation. Our students are involved in Florida All-State Honor Choirs, ACDA Honor Choirs, University of Miami Honor Choirs, and Broward All-County Honor Choirs. The choirs all perform throughout our community as well as Carnegie Hall and Disney.

Dance Studies Program

The American Heritage dance program consists of ongoing, sequential, skill-level courses that are designed to prepare students for careers as professional dancers or simply to help build self-esteem and poise. The curriculum combines classroom learning with performance opportunities. As in all theatrical dance programs, the basis of our dance curriculum is classical ballet, but students also gain proficiency in modern dance, jazz, tap, choreography and numerous other forms of dance. Our classes provide professional-level training similar to instruction at major ballet academies and conservatories - all conducted on the American Heritage campus in one of our beautiful professional dance studios. Our dance instructors are high-caliber, former professional dancers, eager to share their passion and commitment to the art. The extreme discipline and focus that students learn to master in dance will translate into success in numerous other areas of study.

Guitar Studies Program

The American Heritage Guitar program consists of 8 levels in high school, and beginners, intermediate, and advance in junior high. The curriculum combines classroom learning with performance opportunities, such as concerts and evaluations, both in and out of the classroom. Students are taught basic and jazz theory that is reinforced with improvisations and compositions. The basis of our guitar curriculum is classical music, but students also gain proficiency in flamenco, jazz, blues, rock and funk. The guitar program is one of the strongest and most successful in South Florida having prepared students for acceptance in many colleges, conservatories and universities, some with scholarships. The guitar program has received Superior ratings at local evaluations for the past 7 years.

Orchestra Studies Program

Orchestra is a musical ensemble of violins, violas, cellos, and string basses. The pre-requisite for the High School class is previous performance experience on at least one of these instruments. Advanced students can test into Honors credit. The Orchestra Program boasts a Symphony Orchestra, Junior High Orchestra and Elementary Orchestra (grades 3-6) as well as an after-school group that performs at community events.

The AHS Orchestra is one of the strongest and most successful string programs in South Florida having received Superior ratings throughout the past 14 years.

Theatre/Arts Studies Program

The theatre program at American Heritage School serves two purposes: to provide an arena for those students who wish to explore a creative outlet for themselves and/or to provide a professional education and experience for those who wish to pursue the theatre arts as a career. To that end we offer a wide variety of classes from performing to technical theatre within the best facilities in southern Florida and taught by a highly skilled staff of working professionals. The program has been honored with local, state; regional, national and international awards for its work.

The American Heritage School Fine Arts Department also offers a comprehensive technical theatre program featuring a full slate of academic courses as well as an endless array of extra-curricular opportunities for students in grades 7-12. Through courses, backstage crew work, and competition on the district, regional, and state levels, students are actively engaged in all aspects of technical theatre including Play Production, Scene Design, Stagecraft, Light Design, Sound Production, Theatre Business, Publicity, and Marketing.

Visual/Art Studies Program

The Visual Art department at American Heritage offers a wide range of courses beginning with our introduction survey course titled Visual Concepts thorough disciplines in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, glass, black and white photography, digital photography, architecture, graphic design, computer art and animation, portfolio and Advanced Placement Art History. All courses promote a hands-on, experiential approach that develops a sensitivity and familiarity with materials and methods. Students at American Heritage benefit form the support of faculty, administrators, peers, and the community. Our facilities house the latest technology along with multiple exhibition space for students to showcase their work.

Formal and conceptual training expand students’ visual literacy. In addition to studio practice students study the historical, cultural and philosophical approaches used by artists in the past and present. Class size is small in order to provide individual attention by professional artists and educators.

As a department, we are focused on providing students with every opportunity to succeed in their artistic endeavor. We encourage students to participate in local and national exhibitions, summer programs, and portfolio reviews. Students who wish to continue their studies in art leave with a portfolio of work that is commensurate with the requirements of undergraduate studio art programs.

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