American Heritage Alumni Ben
“American Heritage has provided me opportunities both academically, bolstering my intelligence to a "college level" and incentivizing my critical thinking skills for my future (as of now) as a corporate strategist, and personally, involving me in scholastic broadcast where I've been able to achieve leadership responsibilities and national recognition. Nowhere else could I receive a holistic education that prepared me perfectly for the University of Pennsylvania and for the "real world" for which I'll be ready after graduation.”

Benjamin Pollack, University of Pennsylvania

Class of ‘14, American Heritage School
Class of ‘18, University of Pennsylvania
American Heritage Alumni Brandon“American Heritage challenged me to work harder and push my own boundaries to discover what I am able to accomplish. Through all the opportunities American Heritage offers, I fully explored my passions in community service, economics, and government. I gained leadership experience as president of Student Government and competing in Model UN, and I learned life skills working with school administration and planning school events. I am thankful for my experience at American Heritage, and I am ready to enter college in the fall.”

Brandon Marks, Yale University

Class of ‘14, American Heritage School
Class of ‘18, Yale University

American Heritage Alumni Danielle“Heritage's focus on developing writing skills has prepared me greatly for college. No matter what major I choose, I need to thoughtfully communicate my ideas, which Heritage has emphasized throughout my high school career. Because Heritage had so many interesting extracurricular activities for me to take part in, I quickly learned time management, which will make my transition to college smoother.”

Danielle Taylor, Harvard University

Class of ‘14, American Heritage School
Class of ‘18, Princeton University 


American Heritage Alumni Kyle"The courses taught at American Heritage School prepared me exceedingly well for a college education. Because of Heritage’s Pre-medical Program and outstanding professional faculty, my knowledge in science and medicine far surpasses that of my college peers. My professors at Columbia University are thoroughly impressed with the subjects and books with which I am conversant and compliment American Heritage on the quality of my education. The spectrum of responses I receive when I explain that I have already taken organic chemistry, multivariable calculus, and pathology range from raised eyebrows to fallen jaws. The unique combination of the vast opportunities and qualified faculty make American Heritage School exceptional and unparalleled as a learning institution."

Kyle Robinson, Columbia Univeristy

Class of ‘07, American Heritage School
Class of ‘11, Columbia University

American Heritage Alumni Julian"American Heritage has been critical in my personal growth and prepared me beyond measure. Since I have set foot on campus, I have been equipped with incredible resources and accommodated with a truly amazing staff. Heritage has not only prepared me for the college environment, but has also led me to discover myself and pave the path I will follow at Princeton University."

Julian Perez, Princeton University

Class of ‘14, American Heritage School
Class of ‘18, Princeton University

American Heritage Alumni Devin"I can honestly say that without the benefit of attending Heritage, my years at Yale would have been but an unfulfilled dream. American Heritage provided me with the tools for acceptance at Yale. My parents pushed and supported me to be the best I could be, instructors challenged my intellect, and the administration directed my journey towards my Ivy League future."

Devin Ringger, Yale University

American Heritage School, Class of 2005
Yale University, Class of 2009