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Welcome from Mr. William Laurie, President & Founder

Mr. William Laurie President of American Heritage

Dear Parent:
Through the years, Heritage has continued to grow in various ways and for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most important factors has been our faculty's commitment to excellence in all phases of our program. From teaching basic skills to providing frequent progress reports, our faculty is truly concerned with doing their best for your child. This is the vital ingredient in the success of our school. In addition to our emphasis on academics, we take pride in developing your child's character, confidence and leadership skills. At American Heritage, we believe in being accountable to you, the parent, adhering to a sound disciplinary policy, and providing regular communication with the home.

These goals continue to serve as the foundation of our program.
Our forty acre campus is designed to provide your child with an academic setting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We encourage our students to take pride in their school. This pride carries over into the type of positive attitude our students share. Our well-motivated student body, solid teaching staff, sound philosophy and excellent facilities are four important reasons why American Heritage represents an outstanding educational opportunity for your child.

In our web site, you will find information introducing you to our program. We will be pleased to schedule a personalized campus tour to discuss additional questions you may have concerning our school.

Thank you for your interest in American Heritage School.

William R. Laurie