Additional Programs


Bus transportation is available to students in Broward County and portions of Miami-Dade County.

School Lunch Program
Students may purchase lunch or bring lunch from home. Our large, full-service kitchen enables us to provide tasty, nutritious lunches at a reasonable cost. A menu is published in the monthly newsletter sent home to parents.

Summer Camp
American Heritage offers a day camp throughout the summer. Students from ages 3 through 13 can enjoy a variety of age-appropriate sports, arts and other recreational activities.

Summer School
A summer academic program is available to serve those students who need continued reinforcement of basic skills in reading, math, and English or for students who are required to make up a subject failed during the school year. The program is also available to students who want to advance their skills for the coming school year.

Tutoring is available at an additional charge to students who need extra help in a particular subject area.

Corporate Care
A year-round program of quality education and care for young children is available every day except weekends and eight legal holidays. Care is available each day from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for children in preschool through grade six.

ESL Program
An English as a second language program is offered at every level (at an additional charge) for those students with little or no comprehension of the English language. Students must be able to read in their native language.