Reading Lab

All students in grades K-6 receive additional focused support from a reading specialist to target areas in need of improvement and to help them reach their full learning potential. Reading specialists effectively design an individualized plan for each student’s unique instructional needs. The reading specialists are very successful at achieving desired learning outcomes. By implementing top research-based reading programs, adjusting the lessons to each student, and applying teaching methodologies that engage the students, our reading specialists create a fun learning environment where the students thrive.

The reading specialist work with students in the areas of reading fluency, word attack, decoding, and spelling, as well all reading comprehension components such as inferencing, retelling, main idea, drawing conclusions, vocabulary, directions, and locating the answers.

The ultimate goal of the Academy program is to help students gain skills needed to successfully learn in an environment that is most conducive to their learning style. Administrators and teachers, together with parents set measurable goals to decide when the appropriate transition to the Heritage program may take place. Students in all grade levels are at times transitioned into American Heritage classes on a course-by-course basis.

Speech Language Pathologist

A licensed and certified Speech Language pathologist is available to work individually with each student on his or her unique speech or language needs. Based on a comprehensive evaluation, the speech language therapist, along with the family will design an individualized program to target specific areas of concern.

Academic Coach

Our Academic Coach is an experienced and certified educator who is available to work with students who are challenged by organizational skills. Students meet with the Academic Coach to devise a personalized organizational plan that will lead to consistent homework and project completion and assignment management. Students will be trained in how to improve their own executive function skills, which will lead to improved performance in the classroom.