At every grade level, we closely monitor each student's academic progress to ensure that he or she grows in academic skills, self-confidence and motivation. Our students benefit greatly from the consistent communication between school and home. A comprehensive progress report is issued weekly. It outlines the week's activities and indicates a student's progress in meeting short-term academic goals. Parents will also receive a progress report bi-weekly from their child’s reading specialists that provides specific skills, activities and learning outcomes covered in the previous weeks. Parents are encouraged to attend all parent-teacher-reading specialists conferences and are welcome to schedule additional meetings as needed. All grades and progress reports can be viewed online anytime. If your child is receiving speech or academic coaching services, parents will receive a progress report bi-weekly from them as well.

Report cards are issued at nine-week intervals with a parent-teacher conference day scheduled at the end of each quarter. Midway through the quarter (nine weeks), interim reports are issued to students having difficulty in a particular subject. Teachers are available for conferences or telephone calls before and after school or at other mutually agreeable times. Email communication is also welcome. Our teachers understand the need for close communication and make every effort to return calls and emails within 24 hours.