Computer Science

The Computer Science Program provides specialized college-level courses, internships, and real life experiences to students who are interested in the field of computer science. Professionals who are currently practicing in their fields teach all classes every day. Students complete an internship rotation through different areas of computer science during their senior year. This program provides students with the chance to determine if the computer science field is a profession they would like to pursue. Due to the high level of math required, all students in the Computer Science Program must be in honors math.


  • Computer Science Essentials (1 credit)
  • Programming with a Purpose (1 credit)
  • AP Computer Science (1 credit)
  • AP Computer Science Principles (1 credit)
  • Cyber Security and Defense (.5 credit)
  • Data Architecture (.5 credit)
  • Web/App Development (.5 credit)
  • Data Science (.5 credit)
  • Senior Internship (.5 credit)