Junior High

Academic Overview (Grades 7 & 8)

American Heritage School middle school

Math, reading, grammar, literature, social studies and science are the core subjects of the junior high curriculum. Through structured learning experiences, we strengthen and expand basic skills and advance the knowledge of science and social studies. Critical thinking skills become increasingly important at this level of study. Our goal is to thoroughly prepare our students for the four years of high school that lie ahead.

Students in seventh and eighth grades take two language arts classes each day. One class focuses on reading and literature, the other on written and oral communications. Writing skills are emphasized across the curriculum. We believe that this emphasis on language arts will help our students to become literate and articulate thinkers and writers. Our state-of-the-art computer labs and the library /media center are available for research. A full time research assistant is available to guide students through the Internet to valuable sources of information. Students who qualify may elect to take honors English classes.

In math, students are placed in math courses as determined by their background and abilities. Students may have the opportunity to earn high school credit in Algebra I and/or Geometry while in junior high school. At this level, students will take life science and earth science courses with laboratory experiences. Depending on their math level, they may also have the opportunity to earn high school credit in physical science. Honors level courses are offered in both math and science. Through structured learning experiences, we strengthen and expand basic skills and advance critical thinking and knowledge in social studies. Junior high students will study both American history and civics.

Enrichment courses are an important part of the junior high curriculum. Students have many options including computers, foreign language (Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese), physical education, drama, art, band or chorus classes. The classes are 50 minutes in length. Students move from class to class on the west end of campus.


All of our teachers are experienced and have an enthusiasm for working with adolescents. Teachers are fully certified in their subject areas. Enrichment class instructors are certified specialist in the areas they teach. Our low student to teacher ratios assure that teachers have time to give every student the attention he or she needs to be successful. In addition, regular help sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis for students who need extra reinforcement of skills or new concepts. The faculty takes an interest in the physical, emotional and social development of students at this volatile age. Many teachers take on additional responsibilities such as advising a club or coaching a sport. Students are actively encouraged to participate in sports and all school activities to further their own social and emotional growth.


The Junior High School Guidance Curriculum focuses on helping students develop good organizational and study habits. Focus is also placed on interpersonal behaviors including bullying and self-esteem. A career fair is held annually to introduce students to career options. Evening programs for parents introduce the college admissions process and assist with high school planning.


Heritage has an ongoing commitment to offer the latest technology to our students. There are four state-of-the-art computer labs and a computer graphics lab which serve the Upper School. Every faculty member has been issued an iPad which connects wirelessly to their classroom screen. Teachers can sign out an iPad cart so that they may incorporate iPad based lessons into their curriculum. Our Library/Media Center houses over 150 computers; 4 technology integration labs equipped with interactive Promethean boards serve to incorporate technology into every upper school classroom; 12-foot tables, equipped with electric and data ports are available for collaborative research and study, and similarly equipped, lighted carrels are provided for individual study. Added features include wireless Internet access across campus, a professional staffed reference desk for optimum assistance, a separate station to monitor database progress and provide research guidance and a fully-automated circulation desk.


There is a wide range of extracurricular clubs and activities available to seventh and eighth graders.

Lego League
Student Government Association
National Junior Honor Society
Junior High Morning Announcements (WAHS)
Astronomy club
Harry Potter Club
Make A Wish
One Planet United