Blake Meredith AHS '12, Berkeley Law '19
Blake Meredith AHS '12, Berkeley Law '19
Succeeding in Tech Law: From the Pre-Law Program to Netflix IP Attorney
Blake Meredith AHS '12, Berkeley Law '19

The story of Blake Meredith, an alumnus of American Heritage Schools, Palm Beach Campus, Class of 2012, reflects the school's focus on success, friendship, and curiosity. His tale is like a colorful picture with memories from school, studies, and working in tech law at Netflix. Hear about Blake’s journey, showing how his time at Heritage influenced his life and career.

Reflecting on his experiences at American Heritage Schools, Blake underlines the influence of the friends he made during those years. He notes, "The most memorable experiences were all centered around the friends that I made there-- some of whom I still keep in touch with today." These friendships, he continues, offered invaluable lessons about curiosity, authenticity, and embracing different perspectives, shaping his worldview and approach to life.

Regarding his education at Heritage, he recalls, "For me, the teachers made the school what it was. Mrs. Ani Porter (Director of the Pre-Law Program) stoked my interest in going to law school and taught me that getting loud and angry meant you had already lost the argument (unless you're righteously indignant on behalf of your client)." Reflecting on the teachings from the English department (comprising Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Kimpton, and Mrs. Thompson-Wilkinson), he elaborates, "The English department taught me how to analyze texts, pushed me to write more clearly, and encouraged me to slow down and enjoy dense classic literature from time to time. Miss Asher taught me how to let someone know, with kindness and humor,  that the point they think they're making is irrelevant.”

Blake Meredith AHS '12, Berkeley Law '19

The impact of American Heritage Schools extended into his college journey, culminating in a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida, Class of 2016, and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Berkeley Law, Class of 2019. 

Blake’s career journey led him to Netflix, where he serves as an attorney, specializing in intellectual property matters, focusing on patents and trade secrets. He describes his job with enthusiasm: "IP is such a fun practice area because I get to nerd out about the technical details of our innovations one day and then deep-dive into open-source licensing requirements the next. It's always changing, and I like being in the know about the latest and greatest innovations." 

Even after securing a job at Netflix, Blake still has great plans for his future: "I'd like to run the IP practice of a tech company in the next stage of my career," he says. Exploring long-term goals, he adds, "Life is long, so this one is harder to pin down. I can imagine myself taking a hard left with my career to do something more community-oriented, or maybe something with a more creative bent to it. I've always wanted to write a book, so I could see that being an interesting option at some point down the road. But who knows! I like that the future is a mystery to me."

With an exciting personal life, including a recent engagement and the purchase of a new home with his fiancé Steven, whom he met in law school, Blake values his downtime exploring the Bay Area's natural beauty, reading, or catching up on his favorite TV shows.

As for his weekends, he often spends Sunday mornings with loved ones, indulging in a routine of bagels and walks in the park. Other weekends could find him hiking, catching a movie, or exploring new culinary experiences, reflecting his zest for a balanced and diverse lifestyle.

Through his journey from Heritage to his thriving career as a Netflix IP attorney, and in his personal life, Blake exemplifies the diverse learning experiences and impactful teachings from American Heritage Schools as he embraces life's mysteries and the promise of ever-evolving personal and professional growth.