Kimberly  SmithName of Teacher: Kimberly Smith

Subject and grade level taught: Science-Marine Bio, Chemistry, & Psychology

Years at AHS: 0.083333

Most memorable experience at AHS: So far the sheer amount of emails I have to go through, lol!

Favorite hobbies outside of school: Let me count the ways: I sew, I make tumblers, I scrapbook, bowl...the list goes on and on.

Any notable achievements outside of school?: I have twins....kudos to my over achieving ovaries :)

Children’s name and grade (if applicable) and/or when they graduated from AHS? Amelia-PK 3, Abigail-PK 3, Alyssa-1st grade

Favorite quote: Do what you love.

Something that might surprise us about you?: I really enjoy working at this school, everyone seems so nice. I would like to give a special shout out to my co-worker, Corrine, she has all the answers; Kimberlee she's like my personal cheerleader; Bo, he's so patient with my technical questions; and Ashley V, she reminds me not to screw things up. My students are amazing! I hope I can do them justice in the classroom.

Something that might surprise us about you? I have never been to an Arby' I missing out?