Meet Beverly Ouckama, Guidance and College Planning Coordinator
Meet Beverly Ouckama, Upper School Guidance and College Planning Coordinator

Name of Teacher: Beverly Ouckama

Job Title: Guidance and College Planning Coordinator

Describe Your Job: Coordinator for individual college visit bookings, regional and daily college tours, annual college fairs. Campus liaison for Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. Naviance maintenance and helpdesk troubleshooting. Guidance portal maintenance and updates.

Years at AHS: 17

Most Memorable Experience at AHS: Attending my first pep-rally.

Favorite Hobbies Outside of School: Collect flashlights, keys, and sea shells. Love coming up with fun craft projects with my grandkids.

Something that might surprise us about you: Learned to ride a cherry-red Honda motorcycle when I was 19.

Any notable achievements outside of school: Co-Founder, Dynamic Outcomes for Exceptional Students (DOES) US Strategic Planning assistance, The BATI School (Build Ayiti to Inspire) Outreach Co-Leader, Women World Leaders

Favorite Quote: Black lives not only matter, they have value. -Me