Robotics Team Won Industrial Design Award Sponsored by General Motors

Robotics Team Won Industrial Design Award Sponsored by General Motors

At the 2022 Las Vegas Regional Competition, March 30 to April 2, 2022, our American Heritage Schools, Palm Beach Campus, Robotics Team, the Wyld Stallyns, qualified for the championship rounds of the competition after many great preliminary matches. The team was the 6th ranked, and our team captain was responsible for forming an alliance with two additional teams to compete for the championship. This alliance won two out of three matches in the quarterfinals and moved on to the semifinals. The semifinals were very challenging; they lost the first match by only five points due to robot damage but came back in the next match to win by 20 points, only to narrowly lose the tiebreaker. Although they did not make it to the finals, the Wyld Stallions had an amazing weekend of competitions and took home the coveted Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors. 

Team Awards:

Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

Celebrates the team that demonstrates industrial design principles, striking a balance among form, function, and aesthetics.

Guidelines for the award:

  • A team must be able to describe how their robot is elegant, efficient (simple/executable), and practical.

  • The entire machine design, or the detailed process used to develop the design, is worthy of this recognition, and not just a single component.

  • The robot distinguishes itself from others by its aesthetic and functional design.

*The Wyld Stallyns 5472 Robotics Team was Ranked 6 with a record of 12-5-0 


“This has been an amazing season; I am so proud of the efforts of all of my students. They were so dedicated this year, and I am thrilled to be able to help spotlight those efforts in any way I can.” - Tai Donovan