Math Team placed 3rd Place Overall in Florida
Math Team placed 3rd Place Overall in Florida
Math Team placed 3rd Place Overall in Florida
Congratulations to our Math Team that competed at the Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta (FAMAT) Statewide competition! They finished Third Place Overall in the state of Florida, and they brought home five 1st places in Geometry, Matrices and Vectors, Statistics, Statistics Bowl, and Computer Competition. Kudos to everyone and their coaches!
Math Team placed 3rd Place Overall in Florida
Level Theta: 
5th Place Theta Applications: Catherine Zhao 
12th Place Theta Applications: Julius Kulla 
1st Place Geometry: Jeffrey Yu 
20th Place Geometry: Devansh Singh 
11th Place Quadrilaterals: Jeffrey Yu 
16th Place Quadrilaterals: Devansh Singh 
8th Place Conics: Julius Kulla 
9th Place Conics: Alyssa Jin 
20th Place Conics: Catherine Zhao 
18th Place Theta Individual: Julius Kulla 
24th Place Theta Individual: Catherine Zhao 
7th Place Functions: Zohar Eshet
14th Place Functions: Alyssa Jin 
18th Place Functions: Jack Welter 
12th Place Logs and Exponents: Zohar Eshet 
14th Place Logs and Exponents: Jack Welter
3rd Place Theta Ciphering: Jeffrey Yu 
7th Place Theta Ciphering: Julius Kulla 
Math Team placed 3rd Place Overall in Florida
Level Alpha:
11th Place Analytic Geometry: Carlos Caceres 
12th Place Analytic Geometry: Daniel Crum 
14th Place Analytic Geometry: Samer Elhoushy 
16th Place Analytic Geometry: Jesse Brodtman
6th Place Equations and Inequalities: Yibo Zhang 
2nd Place Trigonometry: Ryan Rao 
5th Place Trigonometry: Richard Schulz
19th Place Trigonometry: Isidoro Lapidot 
20th Place Trigonometry: Drake Austin 
8th Place Alpha Applications: Ryan Rao
12th Place Alpha Individual: Richard Schulz 
16th Place Alpha Individual: Yibo Zhang 
15th Place Complex Numbers: Jesse Brodtman
17th Place Complex Numbers: Yibo Zhang
1st Place Matrices and Vectors: Richard Schulz 
16th Place Matrices and Vectors: Alejandro Martin 
17th Place Matrices and Vectors: Daniel Crum
19th Place Matrices and Vectors: Carlos Caceres
6th Place Alpha Ciphering: Ryan Rao 
14th Place Alpha Ciphering: Richard Schulz
Level Mu: 
11th Place Area and Volume: Jin Yang Li 
13th Place Area and Volume: Yuhan Niu
16th Place Area and Volume: Deeksha Kumaresh 
17th Place Area and Volume: Youval Kashuv 
2nd Place Limits and Derivatives: Ramez Ortiz 
5th Place Limits and Derivatives: Anshuman Seetharaman 
11th Place Limits and Derivatives: Cameron Silverman
17th Place Limits and Derivatives: Kausthubh Konuru
12th Place BC Calculus: Ritvik Teegavarapu 
14th Place BC Calculus: Krishna Sorna
20th Place Calculus Individual: Michael Yao
23rd Place Calculus Individual: Ritvik Teegavarapu
13th Place Sequences and Series: Ritvik Teegavarapu 
4th Place Probability Open: Kiran Spencer 
16th Place Probability Open: Michael Yao
14th Place Calculus Applications: Ashwin Parthasarathy
2nd Place Calculus Integration: Krishna Sorna
8th Place Calculus Integration: Anshuman Seetharaman
20th Place Calculus Integration: Cameron Silverman 
1st Place Statistics Open: Kiran Spencer 
6th Place Statistics Open: Deeksha Kumaresh
13th Place Statistics Open: Bernardita Baschkier 
10th Place Gemini: Ramez Ortiz and Jin Yang Li 
5th Place Mental Math: Ramez Ortiz 
1st Place Statistics Bowl: Kiran Spencer, Bernardita Baschkier, Pavan Kumar, Deeksha Kumaresh
3rd Place Alpha Bowl: Yibo Zhang, Ethan Xu, Ryan Rao, Richard Schulz 
4th Place Theta Bowl: Julius Kulla, Catherine Zhao, Jeffrey Yu, Alyssa Jin 
8th Place Relay: Krishna Sorna, Yibo Zhang, Julius Kulla 
1st Place Computer Competition: Jesse Brodtman, Pavan Kumar, Anshuman Seetharaman 
3rd Place Calculus Bowl: Krishna Sorna, Michael Yao, Ritvik Teegavarapu, Ramez Ortiz 
2nd Place Hustle Team: Ritvik Teegavarapu, Kiran Spencer, Ryan Rao, Richard Schulz