Heritage Club Presents Assault Prevention And Defense Class To Female Students
Heritage Club Presents Assault Prevention And Defense Class To Female Students
Heritage Club Presents Assault Prevention And Defense Class To Female Students
The Club BETCHA, from American Heritage Schools, Broward Campus, in partnership with SGA and First Priority Club, offered an assault prevention and defense class to all female students on both campuses. This special class called Campus Smart is a mixture of strategies, tactics, and a mindset to keep your student safe. Additionally, some physical defense skills were taught. The event included a session for freshman and sophomore students and two sessions for juniors and seniors. The training was offered on three separate dates with a total of 62 students attending. 
Because of the high risk for sexual violence among undergraduate students, American Heritage Schools tasked our certified AVERT (Active Violence Emergency Response Training) Instructors, Dana Munach, Security Supervisor, and the Training Coordinator at the Broward Campus, and Pam Curry, Director of Security at the Palm Beach Campus, to develop a training class to prepare students for a safe college experience. 
Heritage Club Presents Assault Prevention And Defense Class To Female Students
When developing the training, the instructors took the approach that it is far better to prevent an attack from happening than it is to fight your way out of a bad situation. Because of this Campus Smart training devotes a large portion of the training to situational awareness and developing effective safety habits. The goal is not to create fear and anxiety but rather, to help students understand that sometimes bad things can happen and that there are things they can do to avoid becoming a victim of sexual assault; to empower the trainee to have confidence by providing practical, actionable skills to keep them safe.
The Campus Smart event covered a wide variety of possible threats and vulnerabilities, including, parties, first dates, alcohol, date rape drugs, situational awareness, car-to-door, staging front doors, stalkers, available resources, and managing fear response. 
Thank you to the BETCHA, SGA, First Priority Club, and Dr. Mercedes Torres, BETCHA & First Priority Clubs Advisor, for all their dedication and effort in putting together this event!
What they said about the Campus Smart Event:
"The Campus Smart Program was very beneficial to me and hopefully to the other young girls who were involved. As a young girl, who is only 14 years old, it was important for me to learn the tactics used to defend myself against an attacker. I hope to continue doing the program throughout the years during high school because it is a necessity to be prepared for college and beyond". Andrea Astudillo, AH 9th grade
"I am glad that at Heritage we were able to have the opportunity to attend the Campus Smart Class. It taught me defense skills that I feel I could confidently execute in an emergency situation". - Courtney Lesser, AH 11th grade
"I really liked this program as it taught me valuable information regarding safety on campus and out of campus, strategies I can use daily. I would love to have more time learning the physical tactics and techniques for self-defense as well.” Esther Oyentunji, AH 11th grade, NSH President
"Heritage should have this program every year and make it mandatory. All students going to college should be equipped with all of these strategies and tactics that we had learned" - Rebeca Lopez-Anzures, Senior
"Campus Smart program was created after I found out about some of my former students who have been assaulted in college. It disturbs me so much that I asked Officer Munach to work with me on this program. This is our second year offering the program free of charge and we hope to establish this program as part of the extracurricular activities for our students before going to college and equip them with a mindset, tactics, and strategies that will keep them safe during college and beyond". - Dr. Mercedes Torres, BECHAT & First Priority Advisor
About the Instructors:
Dana Munach is a Security Supervisor and the Training Coordinator at the Broward campus. He has a background as a police officer and was a police academy instructor. At the academy, Dana taught Human Diversity, Interpersonal Skills, and Officer Safety Techniques. Dana remains a currently certified law enforcement instructor and provides CPR, AED, and Basic Life Support certification training to law enforcement agencies, and the general public. As a certified AVERT instructor and Instructor Trainer, he has certified over 700 American Heritage employees in Active Shooter Response and Bleeding Control.
Pam Curry is the Director of Security at the Palm Beach campus. She had a notable career as a federal agent with Alcohol, Tobacc, and Firearms. Pam was a member of the ATF’s SRT Team and is a firearms instructor and a Defensive Tactics Instructor. Pam attended AVERT instructor school along with Dana, and they have been team-teaching AVERT for the past year.