Cereal4All: Changing Lives One Cereal Bowl at a Time
Cereal4All: Changing Lives One Cereal Bowl at a Time
Cereal4All: Changing Lives One Cereal Bowl at a Time
Did you know that over 34 million Americans, including a staggering 9 million children, struggle with hunger and food insecurity? These are not just statistics; they are real people in our communities facing the challenge of going to bed hungry. But amid this reality, two remarkable young individuals from the American Heritage Schools, Palm Beach Campus, twin sophomores Luke and Jett Justin, Founders and Executive Directors of Cereal4all, have taken it upon themselves to be the change-makers, one cereal bowl at a time. 
Cereal4All: An Unstoppable Force for Good
Established in 2016, Cereal4All was born out of a realization that there was a constant shortage of breakfast food donations to food banks across the United States. The fact that millions of people, including children, were starting their day without a meal was a call to action that Luke and Jett couldn't ignore.
Cereal4All is not your average nonprofit. It's a unique 501(c)(3) organization run by students from different corners of America who share a common passion: the fight against hunger and the desire to strengthen their communities. For them, cereal is not just about breakfast; it's about happiness. 
One remarkable aspect of Cereal4All's work is its focus on engaging young people in volunteering at their local food banks. They understand that nurturing a sense of responsibility and empathy in the youth is essential for building a better future. Many students who have teamed up with Cereal4All find themselves organizing food drives or volunteering at food banks for the very first time. It's a powerful testament to the impact of their work.
A High-Flying Mission
Cereal4All recently embarked on an inspiring journey that combined their passion for fighting hunger with a new skill – learning to fly airplanes. In their inaugural "Oatmeal Airlift" this September, they delivered a whopping 100 pounds of Quaker Oats Protein Instant Oatmeal to a hunger relief program in Bimini, Bahamas. 
This attempt was no small undertaking. The 750 protein-rich instant oatmeal packets they transported are set to make a significant impact on the lives of children and seniors struggling with food insecurity and hunger in Bimini, the westernmost district of the Bahamas. To achieve this, Cereal4All teamed up with Bahamian government officials, including Administrator Evak Arthur and Urban Renewal official Elshadre Robins, to identify the pressing need for breakfast food on the island.
But it wasn't just about delivering aid. The warmth and friendliness of the people of Bimini left a lasting impression on Luke and Jett. It was an adventure filled with heartwarming encounters. Their flying success was greatly due to their Flight Instructor, Ken Morgenbesser, whom they fondly regard as the best in the business.
Community Partnerships that Make a Difference
Behind Cereal4All's mission are trusted community partners like Target, Publix, First Watch, and Boca Helping Hands. These organizations have played a pivotal role in making all of Cereal4All's hunger relief projects possible. Their support and collaboration have allowed Luke and Jett to amplify their impact and bring hope to countless lives.
The Impact Speaks Volumes
Since 2016, Cereal4All has provided over 280,270 bowls of cereal to kids and families in need. It's an impressive number, and it highlights the critical role that cereal plays as a non-perishable, nutrient-rich food item that is often lacking in many at-risk households. 
Cereal4All's mission is clear: to ensure that food banks can offer breakfast to disadvantaged children and families. Through their cereal drives and community projects, they raise awareness about hunger issues, promote volunteerism from a young age, and help provide meals to households struggling to secure a morning meal.
Everyone Can Make a Difference
Breakfast food is one of the least donated items to food banks. Cereal4All encourages individuals, schools, and clubs to organize cereal drives. These drives can make an impact on the lives of those in need and earn community service hours for student participants. Schools and clubs even receive gift cards from Cereal4All's partners, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved. 
Recognizing Volunteer Efforts
Cereal4All now certifies volunteer hours with their Student Ambassador Volunteer Program, where students can:
🎖️Earn Community Service Hours While Helping Families in Need
⚡Inspire Other Students to Volunteer in their Communities
💡Help Shape Our Nonprofit’s Mission to Fight Hunger 
❤️Receive Online Recognition.
In a world that often feels divided, Cereal4All is a shining example of the power of unity and compassion. Luke and Jett Justin, along with their dedicated team, are transforming lives and communities one cereal bowl at a time. So, join them in fulfilling Cereal4All’s mission to fill empty bowls and bring happiness to those who need it the most, making a difference that resonates far beyond breakfast tables.
Cereal4All was founded in 2016 to address a constant shortage of breakfast food donations to food banks across the United States. Cereal4all is a unique 501c3 nonprofit run by students across America who are passionate about fighting hunger and strengthening our communities.