The Mitzvah Dessert Club
American Heritage 11th grade juniors, Jacob Rosenfield and Cameron Silverman represented American Heritage at Allegro Senior nursing home in Boynton Beach. The boys received a huge thank you on behalf of American Heritage students who participated in the schools Covid-19 letter writing campaign which was organized through the boys’ new not-for-profit, The Mitzvah Dessert Club. Elderly residents unable to leave their facility or receive visitors were enormously grateful and even wrote back to some students. Here are some pictures and a sample of letters written back by the elderly residents who were incredibly moved by the letters and gave them hope.
Next month the boys are hosting a Zoom call to raise money and awareness for the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, to help those students who don’t have enough computers, WiFi availability, or can’t afford tutoring to help them at home.
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CONTACT Please reach out via email Aileen Rosenfield or text (561) 504-6931 to get the invite to join the zoom call. Community service hours will be available.

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