44 Superiors and 5 State Qualifiers at the FBA Band Solo & Ensemble Assessments

44 Superiors and 5 State Qualifiers at the FBA Band Solo & Ensemble Assessments

Congratulations to our Band students for their incredible performance at the Florida Bandmasters Association(FBA)! 🎼🎶 All solos and ensembles received a Superior rating, based on an outstanding performance with no serious flaws. 5 solos qualified to perform at the State Solos & Ensembles for their district.

The performances included 7 solos (snare drum, mallet, oboe, trombone, trumpet, and alto sax), a Flute Trio, a Brass Choir (trumpet, trombone, euphonium, french horn, and tuba), a Woodwind Choir (flute, oboe, alto sax, clarinet, baritone sax, and bassoon), and a Percussion Ensemble.

Congratulations to all the students and Mr. Kevin Horan, Orchestra and Band Conductor at American Heritage Schools, Palm Beach Campus, for the excellent work.

Solos: Superior
Roman DiStefano(Snare Drum) - Solo Grade 7 (State Qualifier)
Mateo Gaviria (Snare Drum) - Solo Grade 5 (State Qualifier)
Ryan Ashley (Mallet Solo) - Solo Grade 5 (State Qualifier)
Olivia Askowitz (Oboe) - Solo Grade 5 (State Qualifier)
Benjamin Hobschaidt (Trombone) - Solo Grade 5 (State Qualifier)
Cruz Afonso (Trumpet) - Solo Grade 4
Nicolas Burnichon (Alto Sax) - Solo Grade 4
Abigail Modica, Carina Baiano, Nicole Miller (Flute Trio) - Solo Grade 3

Brass Choir: (Grade 3) Superior
Cruz Afonso - Trumpet
Matthew Thweatt - Trumpet
Alyssa Sosa - Trumpet
Jack Edelstein - Trumpet
Allison Horvath - Trumpet
Benjamin Hobschaidt - Trombone
John McGovern, IV - Euphonium
Roman Navarro - French Horn
Nicholas Nelson - Trombone
Rayan Rahmani - Tuba
Ayaan Siddiqui - Trombone
Zizhang Wang - Trombone
Lilly Lerman - French Horn

Woodwind Choir: (Grade 3) Superior
Abigail Modica - Flute
Carina Baiano - Flute
Nicole Miller - Flute
Nadhri Mahal - Flute
Lauren Horvath - Flute
Olivia Askowitz - Oboe
Nicolas Burnichon - Alto Saxophone
Jason Falk - Alto Saxophone
Olivia Goldberg - Bb Clarinet
Michael Mastorakis - Alto Saxophone
Ryan McGovern - Bari Saxophone
Nicholas Schwartz - Bb Clarinet
Samantha Shullman - Bb Clarinet
Cameron Silverman - Oboe
Julian Silverman - Oboe
Spencer Halpin, Jr. - Bassoon

Percussion Ensemble: (Grade 3) Superior
Roman DiStefano - Percussion
Mateo Gaviria - Percussion
Ryan Ashley - Percussion
William Isreal - Percussion
John McGovern, IV - Percussion