#1 Private School in the Nation at the 2022 Mu Alpha Theta National Math Competition  
With exceptional representation at the 2022 Mu Alpha Theta National Math Competition, American Heritage Schools, Broward campus, was able to keep its place as the #1 Private School Math Team in the US and the Palm Beach campus, came in close at #2. The AHS math teams scored a combined 13,164 points based on their members’ performances in both team and individual categories that cover advanced topics such as analytic geometry, logs and exponents, open probability and combinatorics, and calculus.
430 students from 29 schools across the nation met in Washington, DC, to participate in 62 challenging events. AHS Mathletes students spent countless hours studying over weekends and during the summer to achieve this fantastic result. 76 Heritage students spent a week in Washington, DC, earning a variety of awards and recognitions, including 26 perfect scores in the very difficult Mystery Test, four 1st place rankings under Team Events, 63 students ranked in the top 5 of their categories, 18 individual first place finishes, and top ranked private school in all three major divisions (algebra - theta, precalculus - alpha, and calculus - mu). 
Broward Campus
Team Events:
1st place
Theta Division
2nd place
Mu Division 
Alpha Division 
Statistics Bowl
3rd place
Mu Division:
1st place
Rosa Wu - Mu Chalk Talk  
Sharvaa Selvan - Mu Applications    
Saathvik Selvan - Mu Differential Equations    
Saathvik Selvan - Mu Area and Volume (Perfect Score)
2nd place
Saathvik Selvan - Mu Integration (Perfect Score)
3rd place
Corbin Diaz - Mu Ciphering  
Jacob Buchsbaum - Mu Integration   
Jacob Buchsbaum - Mu Sequences & Series  
Corbin Diaz - Mu Comic Sans  
Alpha Division:
1st place
Aaron Zhang - Alpha Applications (Perfect Score)
Timothy Kong - Alpha Matrices & Vectors  
2nd place
Nicholas Darosa - Alpha Complex Numbers (Perfect Score)
3rd place
Aaron Zhang - Alpha Trigonometry  
Yusuf Sheikh - Alpha Equations & Inequalities  
Romir Mohan - Alpha Monumental Math  
Theta Division:
1st place
Xuzhou Ren - Theta Individual (Perfect Score)  
Xuzhou Ren - Theta Composite  
Xuzhou Ren - Theta Ciphering
Xuzhou Ren - Theta 3D Geometry  
Xuzhou Ren - Theta Matrices & Determinants (Perfect Score)  
Jack Finneran - Theta Equations & Inequalities    
Jack Finneran - Theta Functions
2nd place
Guilherme Salles - Theta 3D Geometry
3rd place
Samuil Petrov - Theta Logs & Exponents  
Xuzhou Ren - Theta Rules & Red Tape    
Sponsor Contest
1st place
Trevor Birenbaum - Sponsor Mental Math (Perfect Score)
Trevor Birenbaum - Sponsor Speed Math
Mu Mystery Test:
Alan Wu  
Anagh Sangavarapu  
Carolina Silva  
Jacob Buchsbaum  
John Diaz  
Luke Freed  
Nicolas Fernandez Baigun  
Philip Nenov  
Rithvik Marri  
Rohan Kumar  
Saathvik Selvan  
Alpha Mystery Test:
Carlos Jusino  
Meghan Renaud  
Nicholas Darosa  
Romir Mohan  
Sydney Lee  
Timothy Kong  
William Li  
Yusuf Sheikh  
Theta Mystery Test:
Akshay Kumar  
Jack Finneran  
Rajam Arunprakash  
Roshini Shivakumar  
Samuil Petrov  
Sebastian Estrada  
Xuzhou Ren 
Palm Beach Campus
Team Events:
1st Place
Statistics Bowl
Theta Division
2nd place
Theta Division
3rd place
Theta Bowl
Alpha Bowl
Mu Bowl
Individual Events:
1st place
Deeksha Kumaresh - Open Statistics 
Ramez Ortiz - Mu Limits and Derivatives 
Richard Schultz - Alpha Mystery Test
Julius Kulla - Theta Rules and Red Tape
2nd place
Kiran Spencer - Open Statistics 
Richard Schultz - Alpha Matrices and Vectors 
Ryan Rao - Alpha Trigonometry 
Ramez Ortiz - Mu BC Calculus 
Ryan Rao - Alpha Ciphering 
Ryan Rao - Alpha Analytical Geometry 
Isaac Wachsman - Mu Gemini
3rd place
Zohar Eshet - Open Codes and Ciphers 
Kalle Caceres - Alpha Gemini 
Mu Alpha Theta is a math honor society. At the national convention, each division represents a different type of math. Mu represents calculus, Alpha represents pre-calculus, and Theta represents algebra/geometry. Each grade level competes in one of these categories. The category is based on what type of math the student takes in school. 
The competition consists of a general 60-minute test of 30 multiple-choice questions and three tests related to the specific area of math in which the students are competing. Aside from the main events, students can also choose to participate in smaller competitions such as mental math, speed math, and a presentation poster.