#1 in Palm Beach County Science & Engineer Fair
American Heritage Schools
Science & Engineer Fair #1 in Palm Beach

American Heritage Schools, Palm Beach campus, received the most awards, 36, at the Palm Beach Regional Science & Engineering Fair, making us the #1 school in the county. Seven of the students received first place and five placed second. All 10 high school student award winners and one junior high first place winner will be moving forward to the State competition. The county fair was virtual this year, so students were judged on a six minute video presentation. They had to be as detailed as possible, as there wasn’t a chance for them to clarify or answer any questions the judges might have had.

Below is a list of the District winners who will advance to the State Competition (SSEF) in March plus our 3rd, 4th, and Special Awards winners

First Place Winners

Grade 6
Kasey Moore - Chemistry 
The Evaluation of Vitamin C Amount in Page Oranges over Elapsed Shelf Time
Grade 9
Samer Elhoushy - Physics and Astronomy
The Effects of the Naturally Produced Magnetic Field of the Moon’s Lunar Regolith on Material Degradation and Data Transfer
Grade 10
Deeksha Kumaresh - Mathematics and Computational Science
Using Different Machine Learning Classifiers to Examine the Relationship Between Prodromal Huntington’s Disease and MicroRNA Expression in Blood
Nolan Wen - Chemistry
The Effect of Cyanoacrylate on the Setting Time and Adhesive Strength of a Nitrocellulose Based Liquid Bandage: A Proof of Principle Study
Grade 11
Angelina Ning - Microbiology
Testing the Extent of Synergistic Anti-biofilm Activity of Galla Chinensis and Potentially Adjuvant Chemicals on Escherichia Coli Biofilm Formation and Preformed Biofilm
Ashwin Parthasarathy - Intelligent Machines, Robotics, and Systems Software
Classification and Prediction of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas Using Generative Adversarial Network Models
Grade 12
Mandy Feuerman, - Behavioral and Social Science
An Examination of the Association Between Empathy as a Disposition and Adherence to Covid-19 Safety Guidelines
Second Place Winners
Grade 6
Tristan Obser - Plant Sciences
The Effect Of Led Light On Phytoplankton Growth 
Grade 11
Jaynie Curzi - Chemistry 
The Effects of Mercury Intake Through Mascara Application On Hormone Levels
Ramsey Alsheikh - Mathematics and Computational Science 
Natural Computational Entropy and Random Number Generation
Grade 12
Aishi Ayyanathan - Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Developing an Convolutional Neural Network for Accurate and Inexpensive Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Maryam Imran - Biomedical and Health Sciences
Developing an Artificial Neural Network as a Method for Real-Time Diagnosis and Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in Electrocardiograms
Third Place Winners
Grade 7
Helena Blake - Earth and Environmental Science

Alec Schwartz - Engineering and Materials Science

Brendan Yablon - Engineering and Materials Science

Grade 10
Baano Golowala - Behavioral and Social Sciences

Sona Patel - Biomedical and Health Sciences

Grade 11
Matthew Kidd -Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Ruhi Reddy - Intelligent Machines, Robotics, and Systems Software

Ritvik Teegavarapu - Mathematics and Computational Science

Fourth Place Winners
Grade 6
Rodrigo Godayol Capriles - Earth and Environmental Science

Sabrina Kaiser - Engineering and Materials Science

Norah Smucker - Physics and Astronomy

Grade 7
Rania Shehadeh - Plant Sciences
Grade 9
Chloe Barreto-Massad - Microbiology
Grade 10
Dylan McClish - Engineering and Material Science
Grade 11
Jake Rhodes - Physics and Astronomy

Sruthi Karanam - Biomedical and Health Sciences

Shreya Shenoy - Intelligent Machines, Robotics, and Systems Software

Grade 12
Anjali Vadlamudi - Chemistry

Rhea Iyer - Intelligent Machines, Robotics, and Systems Software

Special Awards
Grade 6
Tristan Obser - ASSCT
Grade 7
Helena Blake - Association of Women Geoscientists
Grade 9
Maya Mohanty - Pollution Prevention Coalition of PBC
Grade 11
Shreya Shenoy - US Air Force - Excellence in Science

Jaynie Curzi - Navy League of US Palm Beach Council - Excellence in Science Research


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