Technology In The Classroom


7 benefits of incorporating technology in education


Technology is everywhere, including schools. From computers to tablets, many classrooms have integrated the latest technology to enhance the learning process and bring the same information to all students. How can technology be used to enhance your child’s education?


Benefit #1: Technology can help teach 21st-century skills


There is no denying that today’s students must learn vastly different skills than those who attended school even a decade ago.


Technology can help teach 21st-century skills, including:

  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Planning, critical thinking, reasoning and decision-making
  • Creativity and visualization
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding different cultures
  • Knowledge and use of technology

“Effective tech integration must happen across the curriculum in ways that research shows deepen and enhance the learning process. In particular, it must support four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts,” according to Edutopia.

Benefit #2: Technology can enhance student academic achievement


Technology has a strong impact on student achievement, promoting problem-solving skills, and other attributes that will help your child be better prepared to enter the workforce.


Benefit #3: Technology can improve student engagement in the classroom


When students are interested in something, they will be more engaged. They come to understand that learning is fun rather than an onerous task. Technology allows teachers to incorporate educational games, videos, virtual field trips, and other online resources, which can lead to more participation in class, as opposed to a lecture.


Benefit #4: Technology can help students retain information better


Engaged students are more apt to retain and recall information, beyond providing the right answers on a test. When students are active participants in class, their brains are being used in different ways so that the material is retained.


Benefit #5: Technology can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each student


As you probably know from watching your own children, everyone learns and processes things differently. Some students are more verbally oriented when it comes to learning, while others are more visual. Many students also require more help in certain areas. Technology enables students to learn at their own pace, review material they have not quite mastered, or skip ahead if they complete lessons faster than other students. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to technology.


Benefit #6: Technology can connect classrooms around the world


The best way to solve problems and bring different groups of people together is through exposure to other cultures, experiences, and languages. Imagine students in Florida attending a virtual classroom with students in England or Japan or Brazil. Spanish-language students can take classes with teachers in Spain. Students can even collaborate on projects with students in other states or around the world.


Benefit #7: Technology presents teachers with a vast amount of additional resources


Teachers can also benefit from technology in the classroom, which in turn helps students. Educational websites, apps, and other online resources can enhance traditional teaching methods. Teachers can also take advantage of virtual lesson planning, grading software, and online assessments, which can make their jobs easier and more efficient.


At American Heritage School, our curriculum is designed to prepare our students for college and a future career by integrating technology that uses relevant software and programs in our dedicated computer labs.


All 6-12 grade students use iPads to access textbooks, view online lessons from their teachers, and complete their schoolwork. Teachers use iPads as an instructional tool as well. Everyone is connected to the same network and Operating System to create an environment where all students can learn together.


Technology is integral to the American Heritage School experience. The Upper School Library Center at our Boca/Delray campus houses over 150 computers, 4 interactive resource labs that incorporate technology into every classroom, and tables equipped with electrical and data ports. There is also wireless internet access, a professionally staffed reference desk, and an automated circulation desk.

Incorporating technology into the classroom is essential for a 21st-century education. There are many ways to ensure your child is prepared for a changing work landscape. For information about American Heritage School or to schedule a tour, visit our website or email us at