Computer Science: The Formula for Future Success

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Computer science is, and will continue to be, one of the leading career fields 

Benefits of Computer Science Program:
  • Curriculum includes advanced subjects in computer science
  • All classes taught by experienced professionals
  • Participate in internships during senior year
  • Memberships in prestigious professional societies
  • Opportunities to participate in national competitions & events
  • Local community service opportunities
  • Enhance college applications
  • Start preparing for future careers now
The Computer Science Program at American Heritage Schools was designed to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. We discuss the different aspects of this pre-professional program and explain how it can help you get into the college of your choice to achieve your career dreams.
The demand for computer science and tech jobs
There is a reason we – and thousands of other schools around the country – have incorporated STEM curriculum. The “T” in that equation stands for “Technology,” and many experts believe tech jobs will continue to be in high demand for many decades to come. This makes pursuing a Computer Science degree a very smart investment.
Technology is part of every industry. Many businesses revolve directly around technology. Some are involved in designing computer programs, while others focus on developing mobile apps, cloud storage, or artificial intelligence (AI).
Even industries that do not revolve directly around computers still use technology to conduct business. Of course, their employees use computers, but they use network servers to connect the computers at their companies. Many industries such as finance and healthcare require extra cybersecurity technology to protect sensitive data.
Technology is everywhere, including in our homes, offices, cars, and in our hands in the form of cellphones and tablets.
Companies often struggle to find qualified candidates for open tech positions. Right now, there aren’t enough computer science graduates to fill job openings.
Careers in computer science
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in computers and information technology will increase up to 11% by 2029. Jobs that focus on information research science are projected to grow even more.
What types of tech jobs can be applied to a computer science degree?
With an associate degree, it is possible to be hired in support positions such as an IT specialist or website developer. A bachelor’s degree can mean the chance to pursue careers in many more fields, from software designing and network administration to mobile app development.
If you love computers, programming, and coding, there are many avenues you can take to build a successful career. Many of these computer jobs are in high demand with good salaries.
Job positions include:
  • App development
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Cloud computing engineer
  • Data scientist
  • IT specialist
  • Network architect
  • Research and development scientist
  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • User interface designer
  • Web developer
Computer Science Program
One of several Pre-Professional Programs at American Heritage Schools - the Computer Science Program - challenges students with advanced courses meant to introduce them to the various aspects of working with computers.
Courses include Honors & AP curriculum:
  • Computer Science Essentials
  • Programming with a Purpose
  • Computer Science A
  • Computer Science Principles
  • Cybersecurity & Defense
  • Data Architecture
  • Web/App Development
  • Machine Learning & AI
All courses are taught by professionals who work in these fields. Students also complete internships during their senior year, working with local businesses in the computer industry.
Memberships, competitions, and recognition
As a student in the program, you will be able to join the Computer Science Society, which helps promote interest and knowledge of computer science and coding to people in and outside the community.
You will also have the opportunity to participate in several prestigious competitions, including
Community service
Students enrolled in the Computer Science Program partner with two chapters of the Boys and Girls Club in South Florida. You will meet and teach children in the Club once a month, teaching them computer skills like coding using Scratch, a program developed by MIT. You can also provide tutoring for other students at American Heritage Schools.
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American Heritage Schools is dedicated to helping you achieve your career dreams no matter what they might be. We offer Pre-Professional Programs for a variety of industries. In addition to Computer Science, we offer programs in:
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