3 Ways AP Classes Help High School Students

3 Ways AP Classes Help High School Students on ahschool.com

Three Ways AP Classes Help High School Students

Advanced Placement classes help high school students get a head-start on preparing for college.

High school is a busy time for students. Between standardized tests, extracurricular activities, and college research and applications, it can be tempting to take easy courses. After all, taking a demanding course load may seem unnecessary if a student already has good grades.

However, AP classes can be very beneficial for high-school students. These courses can help a student prepare for college by helping him or her to stand out in admissions, earning college credit, and even learn important skills for college.

Here's a brief look at each of these ways AP classes help high school students.

1. Earn college credit

Students who pass the AP test at the end of the school year are considered eligible to accumulate college credit for that course. This is a wonderful opportunity for a high school student to begin receiving college credits for subjects he or she is academically prepared for.

Depending on the number of AP classes taken, a student can potentially shorten the amount of time required to graduate college or reduce time spent in general education courses. Some students use AP courses as a way to enter college and hit the ground running with subjects that are of interest.

The process for receiving course credit varies from school to school, and students should always verify the policy on AP course credits for each college of interest.

2. Stand out in college admissions

AP classes are typically more rigorous courses designed to introduce students to college-level work. AP classes have intense curriculums and have a heavier workload than regular classes. Because of this, having AP classes (and successfully passing AP exams) can boost a student's college application.

Taking AP classes can show admissions offices that a student is capable of a robust workload and a rigorous schedule.

If a student has a certain area of academic strength, AP classes can be a great way to demonstrate that skill to admissions committees.

3. Learn important college skills

Taking AP classes can help a student learn the skills necessary for success in college. These skills are less quantitative, but still very important.

Things like rigorous academic work, time management, and excellent study skills are all vital to success in an AP course. A student who can master AP courses will be well-equipped to transition to college coursework.

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