Honors Legal Studies Program

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American Heritage School is pleased to offer students the Honors Legal Studies Program. This program challenges ninth through twelfth grade students who have an interest in the law and encourages students to consider the legal field as a potential profession. The program is taught at the honors level and exposes students to unique and challenging courses not usually offered in high school.

The Honors Legal Studies Program emphasizes writing and communication skills which are important for all students, but essential to those interested in the practice of law. In addition to course work, there are internships offered to upperclassmen, which include the offices of the State Attorney, Public Defender, county and circuit judges, and private attorneys. These experiences lend students unique insight into the legal system.

At all levels, the curriculum is enhanced by contact with legal professionals:

  • Lectures, Internships & Competitions
  • Internships With Legal Professionals Required For Upperclassmen

Students must meet the admission and academic requirements of the Legal Studies Program.