Biomedical Engineering

Students who wish to complete the Bio-Medical Engineering Program must complete all of the courses listed below. Students are required to maintain a “B” average in these courses and must attend the Pre-Med Club and Engineering Club meetings (they may alternate each week between the clubs).

Sample Curriculum

  • Honors Medical Terminology (.5 credit)
  • Honors Embryology (.5 credit)
  • Honors/Pre-AP Chemistry (1 credit)
  • Honors Anatomy & Physiology (1 credit)
  • Honors/Pre-AP Biology (1 credit)
  • AP Biology (1 credit)
  • AP Physics B (1 credit)
  • Intro to Engineering Design Honors (1 credit)
  • Bio-technical Engineering Honors (1 credit)
  • Biomed Engineering Internship (.5 credit)