Name: Suzanne Williamson

Years at AHS: 3

Program/Grade Taught: AP Environmental Science, Honors Environmental Health, Environmental Science (High School)

Most Memorable Experience at AHS: Last year at the start of the COVID pandemic, my Honors Environmental Health class was studying epidemics and pandemics as COVID began to be known.  As new information emerged, we were able, as a class family to sort through the science and better understand what was happening.  It is rare to teach a course that is so immediately relevant, and the experience was worthwhile to students and to me.  My 1st period class last year was very small, and we really became a family as we learned epidemiology and got to know each other so well.  Those relationships helped all of us transition to distance learning in the spring. In the midst of such a challenging time, that experience was a memorable bright spot.

Favorite Hobbies outside of School:  Hiking, running (slowly), nature photography, biking.

Any notable achievements outside of school: Received the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award in 2020, which is so meaningful because it is a student-nominated award.

Children's name and or grade (if applicable) and/or when they graduated from AHS? Miles, 1st grade

Favorite Quote: “We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.”

Other Comments: Our family is truly a Stallion family.  All of us work or attend school here, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  This school has brought us all so much joy.  The students are like our own kids and the parents are so wonderful and supportive.  Our son has thrived with his amazing teachers, like Mrs. Zajc, Mrs. Chisesi, and Mrs. Thomerson.  AHS is a community that we cherish.  We are Stallions for life.

Something that might surprise us about you: My husband (who teaches Middle School Social Studies als at American Heritage) and I met in graduate school for forensic anthropology at LSU. We got married in Las Vegas in 2008.