Meet Karen Kroop

Name: Karen Kroop

Job title: Athletic Secretary

Describe your job: Assisting all Student/Athletes 6th -12 grade

Years at AHS: 20

Most memorable experience at AHS: Being able to work at the same school my daughters attended and being here for all of their school moments.

Favorite hobbies outside of school: I enjoy painting and practicing the saxophone.

Something that might surprise us about you: I was the first Karate Instructor for All Star Sports Camp in 1985.

Any notable achievements outside of school?: I received my 4th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and can play 3 instruments (but not good lol).

Children's name and grade and/or when they graduated from AHS? (If applicable): Brittany 2010 , Taylor 2015

Favorite quote: If you do what you have already done, You will get what you have already gotten.

Other comments: I have been part of All Star Academy/All Star Sports camp/ American Heritage Camp since 1985.