#3 Private School in the Nation and #1 School in Palm Beach County in Math Competition
The high school students on our math competition team earned the 3rd place math title among all private schools throughout the U.S. Competing in several different math disciplines at the 2017 Mu Alpha Theta national math contest, our students earned top awards and a spot on the Top 10 list of all public and private high schools throughout America. "We provide an environment that allows our students to experience success while building their confidence and self-esteem in math," says Mr. Matthews, Head Coach of the AHS Math Team. Our high school math team is coached by Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, Ms. Gasparri, and Mr. Grigelis. Congratulations to our AHS Math Team!
AHS National Math Team Winners
Here is a list of our AHS national prize winners.

Meghana Vemulapalli--Statistics 2nd place

Morgan Teman--Theta Chalktalk 2nd place

Anish Ravichandran--Analytic Geometry 5th place

Smit Viroja--Alpha Trigonometry 6th place

George Zhou--Theta Equations and Inequalities 6th place

Pavan Gudor--Alpha Complex Numbers 7th place

Pavan Gudor--History of Math 9th place

Meghana Vemulapalli--Probability 10th place

Anish Ravichandran 12th place Alpha Applications

Ethan Davis--Alpha Analytic Geometry 13th place

Aramis Tanelus--Complex numbers 14th place

Smit Viroja--Alpha Logs and Exponents 14th place

Jared Gunter--Theta Functions 15th place