Dylan Cahill
AHS '14; Dartmouth '18; Harvard Medical School

Dylan Cahill, a 2014 graduate of AHS, attended Dartmouth College and graduated with a degree in Biology in 2018. During his gap year, Dylan conducted clinical research at Boston Children’s Hospital. During that year, Dylan participated in the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge raising $12,000 for Cancer Research. Dylan is currently in his 3rd year at Harvard Medical School where he is completing his core clinical rotation of all the major medical disciplines including urology, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, and radiology. 

These rotations gave him an opportunity to work with some of the leading teams at all of the Harvard Affiliated Hospitals. A few recent highlights included assisting with delivering babies, consulting on all aspects of patient care in the Triage Unit and exploring the full spectrum of Radiology services. Dylan is about to begin advanced electives while he prepares for Board Exams. 

When asked how American Heritage Schools impacted him, Dylan says, "Heritage prepared me for college academics. Though I didn't realize it at the time, the study strategies I developed in challenging classes at AHS helped make my transition into the demands of college life at Dartmouth much smoother."

His advice to Heritage students? "Take advantage of the clubs and opportunities at AHS, because high school is a great time to learn what your interests are, which you may carry into college. High school is also a great time to gain leadership experience in these clubs, that you can bring with you to college and beyond."