American Heritage Schools Equestrian Program

At American Heritage School your child can pursue his/her equestrian goals while receiving a superior college preparatory education, as well as a full school experience. Our campus is conveniently located in Delray Beach, Florida just minutes away from world-class equestrian facilities such as the Wellington Equestrian Festival (commonly known as WEF), the Global Dressage grounds and the International Polo Club and grounds.

We understand the challenges that go along with juggling the schedule of a competitive equestrian athlete so we designed our Equestrian Program to help fulfill noble passions and goals.

Equestrian Program

Here are several of the unique aspects about American Heritage School's award-winning Equestrian Program:

"Going to a school like American Heritage fosters all aspects of my educational and athletic goals. The school is rigorous but fuels my passion to learn while also accommodating my schedule. It has provided me with the platform to thrive in my riding and academics and I am very grateful. My time as co-captain of the American Heritage Equestrian Team has only furthered my love of the sport. I love working with the other team members and improving our skills because usually our sport is very individual, so getting to work together on a team like this is super important in building teamwork skills used in everyday life!" — Sophia Masnikoff, Grade 12

American Heritage recognizes that young equestrians are unique individuals dedicated to the sport and their equine partners. Providing these distinguished athletes with the opportunity to receive a superior college preparatory education without compromising their training time is a key factor in the success of the American Heritage Equestrian Program.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Screnci, Equestrian Program Director, at