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A Remarkable Year of Early College Acceptances

Class of 2024 Celebrate Noteworthy Early College Admissions to Elite Universities
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American Heritage Schools is proud to announce that numerous students from its 2024  graduating class have secured early acceptances to some of the nation's top-tier colleges and universities.

At American Heritage Schools, commitment to college preparation begins in elementary school, ensuring a well-rounded foundation that propels students toward their academic aspirations. By senior year, many students have identified and aspired to attend their dream school. A significant portion of these students choose to apply to their first-choice college through the early decision process, demonstrating their strong commitment to a particular institution.

Many in this year’s graduating class chose to apply to elite colleges and universities, including MIT, Stanford University, Duke, Cornell University, Brown, and the University of Chicago, among others. American Heritage students have experienced some of the highest acceptance rates to elite universities nationwide, solidifying our position as a premier institution nurturing academic excellence.

Additionally, for an impressive 14 consecutive years, American Heritage Schools has held the coveted #1 spot for the highest number of National Merit Scholars in Florida.



Natalie Block

Dylan McClish

Amari Porter

Hernando Ardila

Juan Otero

Rosa Wu

Deeksha Kumaresh

Denise Michalopoulos

Alicia Ramirez

Nolan Wen

Brian Cordero

Anita Thereza Lerner

Andrew Klis

Jonathan Wang

Alexis Cohen

Joshua Ramos

Diane Li

Diane Li

Nadia Haffizulla

Matthew Hinds

Rebeca Lopez-Anzures

Nyela Calnek

Hannah Stadtlander & Jacob Benoit

Yasmeen Patel

Maya Dobrinsky

Aanya Doshi

Ruby Levenston

Maya Neeranjun

Katherine Denning & Laney Rakofsky

Allyson Steinberg

Alexandra Townsend

Gabriele Barrocas

Madison Sukenik

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