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Another Year of Impressive Early College Acceptances

Class of 2022 Seniors Celebrate Early College Acceptances to Elite Universities
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At American Heritage Schools, preparing for college begins as early as elementary school, and often by the time a student is a senior, he or she has selected a dream school. Many students choose to apply to their first-choice college through the early decision process because that is where they intend to enroll if admitted.

This was another banner year for American Heritage as students in the Class of 2022 received many early acceptances to the Ivies and other top colleges and universities throughout the U.S. The AHS Pre-Professional Program, Science Research Institute, and various offerings in the arts inspired the students to choose their college majors and career aspirations. They express their gratitude for the opportunities they had at American Heritage.



Jaeden Kinlock

Charlotte Caddell

Odin Farkas

Lily Stein

Krishna Sorna

Kelly Lannon

Ritvik Teegavarapu

Emberlynn St. Hilaire

Justin Sun

Jonah Slewett

Zoe Granger

Roie Dahan

Avery Thompson

Nigel Alexis

Ryan McGovern

Saatvik Kaul

Nicolas Fernandez-Baigun

Carolina Sardinas

Charlotte Laidler

Andrew Desola

Megan Yang

Carli Fleisher

Alexis Nguyen

Imani Bodet

Coby Ackerman

Christian Custodio

Sophia Garcia

Brandon Barriera

Ziqi Wu

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