Florida's Top Speech & Debate Team 4 Years in a Row

Top Team in Florida for the FOURTH year in a row at Speech & Debate Competition

Congratulations to our Speech & Debate Team for their participation at the Florida Forensic League Varsity State Championship in Orlando. The speech and debate team became the top speech and debate team in the state of Florida, for the FOURTH year in a row! We took home several impressive awards in both speech and debate events, including 4 State Champions!

Here are the individual results:

Sophie Simon & Kennedy Hack-Juman, STATE CHAMPIONS, Duo Interpretation
Jaimee Canalejo, STATE CHAMPION, Humorous Interpretation
Esther Oyetunji, STATE CHAMPION, Original Oratory
Mason Cheng (4th Speaker Award) & Spencer Swickle (TOP Speaker Award), STATE CHAMPIONS, Policy Debate

Sharvaa Selvan (3rd Speaker Award) & Ethan Roytman (5th Speaker Award), 2nd Place, Public Forum Debate
Esther Oyetunji, 2nd Place, Program Oral Interpretation
Laura Marberger & Jade Capella, 3rd Place, Duo Interpretation
Kennedy Hack-Juman, 3rd Place, Humorous Interpretation
Diane Li, 3rd Place, Dramatic Interpretation
Jaimee Canalejo, 3rd Place, After Dinner Speaking
Saanya Dham, 4th Place, After Dinner Speaking
Jade Capella, 5th Place, Informative Speaking
Ronak Patel, 6th Place, International Extemp
Zoe Weissman, 7th Place, Congressional Debate
Jack Radosevich & Sasha-Kay London, Semifinalists, Duo Interpretation
Medha Balaji, Semifinalist, Humorous Interpretation
Carly Aikens, Semifinalist, Original Oratory
Mary Abi-Karam & Evan Burkeen, Semifinalists, Public Forum Debate
Sophie Simon, Semifinalist, Dramatic Interpretation
Suriya Gadh, Semifinalist, Informative Speaking
Veer Roy, Semifinalist, Informative Speaking
Jake Zeng, Charlotte Wu, Rosa Wu, Taeyoung Kim, & Akanksha Patra, Quarterfinalists, World Schools Debate