Top places at the Future Health Professionals - HOSA International Leadership Conference
Top places at the HOSA International Leadership Conference
Last month, forty-five members of Future Health Professionals - HOSA competed in the International Leadership Conference held at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. American Heritage Schools had multiple competitors from both campuses, who placed in the top ten of their categories, and thirty-four competitors who received the Barbara James Service Award, an award for community service hours related to health. 
Top places at the HOSA International Leadership Conference
Broward Campus:
Serenity Chan (Medical Assisting - 1st place)
Amy Liu and Jason Cheng (Forensics - 5th place) 
Srihith Nooka (Dental Terminology - 10th place) 
Asher Lee, Matthew Wang, Samuil Petrov, Surina Gadh (Hosa Bowl - top 16) 
Emilin Matthew, Prateek Gupta, Odin Farkas, Nicholas Randazzo (Biomedical Debate - top 16)
Palm Beach Campus:
Lexa Mcdermot (Veterinary Science - 2nd place, Barbara James Bronze Level) 
Sona Patel (Barbara James Bronze Level)
ATC - National Geographic Testing Center Winners
Samuil Petrov (Human Heredity - 5th place) 
Jason Cheng (Biochemistry - 8th place) 
Maya Moise (Career Development - 8th place)
Cate Zeiger (Human Heredity - 9th place) 
Jake Samuel (Organic Chemistry - 9th place) 
Nour Abdullah (Leadership - 9th place)
Barbara James Service Award Winners: Gold Level (250+ hours)
Catie Zeiger
Erin Zhou
Alejandra Abramson
Prateek Gupta
Maya Moise 
Benjamin Callaghan 
Kangana Modi
Srihith Nooka
Barbara James Service Award Winners: Silver Level (175-249.9 hours)
Jocelyn Chen
Asher Lee 
Anay Bhaya
Christopher Gaski
Riley Hack-Juman
Rachel Kludy
Deepesh Managuru
Ikemdy Okapala
Nour Abdullah
Surina Gadh
Barbara James Service Award Winners: Bronze Level (100-174.9 hours)
Carly Aikens
Sahir Hai
Ellaheh Gohari
Savanah Lares
Akansha Mehta
Anay Bhaya
Amarachukwu Okpala
Joshua Turner
Rolando Perez
Susana Regueria
Annabelle Shen
Kobe Tako
Sofia Toledo
Jaimee Canalejo
Top places at the HOSA International Leadership Conference
Aside from competing, the students attended workshops, such as suture clinics, anatomy labs, leadership workshops, Zumba classes, and many more hands-on experiences. Throughout the workshops, classes, and other activities, people from different places traded their state/country pins as a way of getting to know each other. Competitors also visited the HOSA expo center where they could participate in a virtual patient simulator, a virtual reality anatomy simulator, a US army patient simulator, and many other fun activities.  
Additionally, the main event hosted at the expo center was the Anatomage Tournament, a competition in which participants had the opportunity to use a virtual anatomy table to test their knowledge. After the competition ended, the students took a tour of Vanderbilt University and spent time at Soundwaves Waterpark to enjoy their time in Nashville. 
Overall, the HOSA International Conference was an educational, enjoyable, and memorable experience. 
HOSA’s International Leadership Conference is the highlight of the year for every HOSA member and advisor and includes competitive events (focused on leadership, professional and technical skills), educational seminars, workshops & exhibits presented by professional partners that provide information about current health care issues, an opportunity to meet people from across the globe with similar career goals, and exciting general sessions providing recognition and opportunity for all HOSA members!