Physics Teacher, Miranda Chin, Earns National Recognition
Physics Teacher, Miranda Chin, Earns National Recognition
Physics Teacher, Miranda Chin, Earns National Recognition
At American Heritage Schools, we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our dedicated educators, such as Miranda Chin, a passionate physics teacher at our Broward Campus. Recognized by her student Drew Bank, Class of 2025, Ms. Chin was nominated for the Honored National Teaching Award for her exceptional commitment to her students.
Miranda Chin's journey in education began with her high school physics teacher, Mr. David Jones, whose engaging lessons inspired her to pursue a career in teaching. Today, she and Mr. Jones are colleagues at American Heritage Schools, where her classes are highly sought after due to her interactive and hands-on teaching style.
Drew Bank, an 11th grader with aspirations in broadcast journalism, initially doubted his interest in science. However, Ms. Chin's dedication and innovative methods changed his perspective. She stays in during lunch and offers extra help after school, far beyond the school's requirements, to ensure her students succeed.
Ms. Chin's teaching philosophy centers on seeing each student as a whole person and making learning physics a tangible and enjoyable experience. Her classes are filled with demonstrations and labs to foster a love for the subject through practical understanding.
Drew now excels in physics, and he values Ms. Chin's support and encouragement. “She’s taught me that it’s easy to excel at anything if you just try,” he says. Her impact extends beyond academics, teaching Drew and his peers valuable life lessons about kindness, organization, and passion.
Ms. Chin's dedication and innovative approach have not only transformed her students' lives but also inspired some to pursue careers in teaching physics. As she continues to inspire and support her students, Ms. Chin exemplifies the profound impact an exceptional teacher can have.
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