Best Record at FFL Varsity State Qualifiers
Best Record at FFL Varsity State Qualifiers
Best Record at FFL Varsity State Qualifiers
#speechanddebate They didn’t know they were going to establish a school record but they did! Our Speech and Debate Team competed at the Forensic League “Hurricane” Regional Tournament consisting of all state league members across Broward County. The top nine competitors in each category advance to the Varsity State Tournament held next month in Apopka, FL.
When our seniors were freshmen just three years ago, our team qualified eighteen students to the state tournament. At the time, it was the most we ever qualified. This year, the best record as of yet of TWENTY-NINE students from American Heritage Schools, Broward Campus, qualified to the FFL Varsity State Championship Tournament along with several alternates standing by! 
Congratulations to each one of them, and their coaches. We are very proud of their accomplishments!
Dramatic Interpretation:
Oliver Laczko, 2nd Place
Humorous Interpretation:
Jaimee Canalejo, 2nd Place
Kennedy Hack-Juman, 3rd Place
Saanya Dahm, 5th Place
Original Oratory:
Carly Aikens, 8th Place
Congressional Debate:
Zoe Weissman, 2nd Place
Umar Hussain, 3rd Place
After Dinner Speaking:
Saanya Dham, 3rd Place
Isabella Verde, 4th Place
Lindsay Cohen, 5th Place
Anya Pinto, 6th Place
Matthew Ruiz, 7th Place
Ayla Ramazanova, 8th Place
Toby Winick, 9th Place
Ronak Patel, 10th Place (First Alternate)
Akhil Sikha, 11th Place (Second Alternate)
Duo Interpretation:
Jaimee Canalejo & Kennedy Hack-Juman, Auto-qualifiers
Impromptu Speaking:
Carly Aikens, 7th Place
Aurora Lai, 8th Place
Informative Speaking:
Esther Oyetunji, Auto-qualifier
Suriya Gadh, 3rd Place
Aurora Lai, 5th Place
International Extemporaneous Speaking:
Toby Winick, 3rd Place
Ronak Patel, 6th Place
Lincoln-Douglas Debate:
Emilin Mathew, Auto-qualifier
Akanksha Patra, 2nd Place
Mary Abi-Karam, 5th Place
Sharvaa Selvan, 9th Place
Jessica Wong, 11th Place (Second Alternate)
Policy Debate:
Prateek Gupta & Jin Kwon, Auto-qualifiers
Spencer Swickle & Prateek Gupta, Auto-qualifiers
Program Oral Interpretation:
Abigail Canalejo, 2nd Place
Public Forum Debate:
Sarah Dufays & Leonid Cherevko, 5th Place
Odin Farkas & Evan Burgen, 10th Place (First Alternates)
Charlotte Wu & Clayton Zipperien, 11th Place (Second Alternates)