Banquet for the Class of 2022 Pre-Professional Program Students
A Celebration of Excellence
In an evening of excitement at the Signature Grand, seniors who have been within the Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Bio-Medical, Computer Science, and Pre-Law Programs were honored for completing all four years of courses within their specific track.
The event started in the cocktail room with hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Then the attendees were split into three different rooms: one for Pre-Med, one for Pre-Law, and one for Pre-Engineering, Bio-Medical, and Computer Science combined, for presentations, a recap of the students’ undertaking in each program, and the awards ceremony. 
The professionals who dedicated their time to the students during their senior year of internships/rotations were also honored. 
The experiences the students have acquired during these years are second to none. Each program is taught daily by professionals in their respective fields. The unique college-level curriculum, in conjunction with the lawyers, judges, doctors, entrepreneurs, and engineers who make up the pre-professional faculty, create unique classes that rival those of any Ivy League school.
You can definitely find your passion at American Heritage Schools.
Honors Legal Studies Program
Kaitlin Cruz - Outstanding Student 2022
Kaitlin Cruz - Moot Court 2022
Shana Xia - Highest GPA 2022
Angelica Arias - Outstanding Student in Service 2022
Mock Trial Program
Abigail Canalejo - Outstanding Student  2022
Honors Medical Professions Program
Noelia Isabel Piedra - Outstanding Student 2022
Anay Umesh Bhaya - Spirit of Service Award 2022
Honors Pre-Engineering Program
Mitchell Hayden Hoffman - Outstanding Student 2022
Zachary Stephen Anderson - James Fuller Spirit of Excellence in Engineering Award 2022
Honors Biomedical Engineering Program
Imani Jasmine Bodet - Outstanding Student 2022
Robotics Program
Zachary Anderson - Outstanding Student 2022
Honors Pre-Engineering Program & Biomedical Program 
Nigel Alexis, Mitchell Hayden Hoffman, Roman Rabbat - Best Engineering Innovation Project 2022: “Beat the Heat”
Honors Computer Science Program
James Haft - Outstanding Student 2022