Business & Entrepreneurship

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American Heritage School introduces the Honors Business & Entrepreneurship Program for high school students interested in pursuing a career in one of the many fields of business. Throughout their four years, students will follow a course of study that is designed to teach terminology and skills at a college level and explore different roles in business.

For the hundreds of thousands of young people graduating from college every year, taking their first steps into a career can be incredibly challenging. While a college degree was once enough to ensure a good first job and entry into a new career, the competition has become steep. More and more students are graduating college with multiple internships on their resumes; many are also heading for business school to further build their credentials.

Whether a student intends to pursue an MBA or go straight into the working world after college, many are now recognizing the value of getting a business degree in college as a strong step towards that first job. Students who are committed to this course of action can take an additional step by attending a high school offering a specialized business program.

The Honors Business & Entrepreneurship Program at American Heritage School is a new program designed specifically for students interested in pursuing a career in one of the many fields of business. Throughout the four-year program, students will learn business terminology and skills at a college level. In classes such as Principles of Marketing, E-Commerce, and Management & Operations, students will explore and experience the differing roles and responsibilities within an organization.

The program requires students to take classes in all standard subject areas, along with their specialized business courses. A total of 4.5 credits in business classes is needed in order to complete the program, and students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA and must earn a B or higher in each individual business course.


The following classes and electives are a representative sample of what is available to students in the American Heritage School Business & Entrepreneurship Program: