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It’s the rare high school student who knows exactly what profession they hope to enter once they graduate from college. Even some college students take several years before they determine which career path they plan to take. It’s an important decision that will have an impact on their lives in many ways. Because of this, the more each student knows about the different possibilities there are, the more informed their choices will be.

For this reason, having the opportunity to engage in a variety of pre-professional courses at the high school level is enormously beneficial to students. They can learn more about all of the different fields, experience the kinds of questions they will need to be able to answer in order to excel in their field of choice, and discover where their interests and skills truly lie.

For students, having the opportunity to immerse themselves in the professional field of their choice in high school delivers another important benefit as well. For students intending to apply to pre-law, pre-med, pre-engineering or other pre-professional schools in college, having this kind of experience will set them apart from other students applying to those schools. The landscape is extremely competitive for acceptance in a pre-professional program at any of the top schools, and so every potential advantage an applicant can offer is meaningful.

At American Heritage School, our commitment to providing students with pre-professional programs sets us apart from other high schools. Our pre-medical, pre-law and pre-engineering programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience courses and activities that are not normally available in a high school setting. On a daily basis, these classes are taught by physicians, attorneys and engineers with current or previous experience in their chosen fields.

ln addition to extensive course preparation in medicine, law or engineering, students fulfill the academic requirements needed for admission to top-tier colleges and universities.

Through expert instruction, real life experiences and a unique curriculum, American Heritage students gain special insight into these professions. Students will graduate more focused on the career paths open to them. The preparation provided to the students in the pre-professional programs will afford them a wealth of knowledge and experience superior to that of their college peers.

To further deepen their understanding and experience, seniors are required to spend a semester interning in their chosen area of study. Leveraging our extensive network of relationships with local organizations, American Heritage School places each student into an active learning environment where they can both watch and participate in the work of their chosen field.

For example, pre-medical students may have the opportunity to observe pediatric and cardiac surgeries, neuro and orthopedic surgeries and autopsies. They may also spend time witnessing the non­surgical work of radiologists, internists, or veterinarians.

Our pre-law interns spend time with attorneys involved in both criminal and civil practice of law and with judges on the state and federal level. Some have the chance to participate in mock trial competitions at the state, national and international levels.

Throughout their studies, American Heritage pre-engineering interns compete at the state and national levels in engineering and robotics competitions. Seniors intern with engineering firms, industrial engineers and architects, learning and experiencing every area of the profession.

Because American Heritage School is also fully committed to instilling a love of community service in our students, this is a core element of our pre-professional programs as well.

For example, pre-medical students may plan and host holiday parties at local hospitals for children and other patients. Pre-law students are involved in fundraising projects such as "The Innocents' Project," designed to provide a support system for individuals exonerated by DNA evidence and released back into society. We actively seek out opportunities for students to get involved in local, national and even international causes and learn the value of making a difference in others’ lives.

Any student who is considering the possibility of a professional career should take a closer look at the pre-professional programs at American Heritage School. There is no better way to learn about your future career while getting experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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