Elementary School (Grades 1 - 6)

Academic Overview

As one of the best private elementary school programs in South Florida, we are committed to developing basic skills, mastery of content areas and maintaining an enthusiasm for learning. Our elementary school students learn the fundamentals of reading, process writing, mathematics and English through a logical progressive sequence. In addition to these basics, the curriculum includes social studies, handwriting, spelling, science and health. Throughout our program there is an emphasis on the development of good study skills.

The core curriculum is supplemented by "enrichment" classes in computer education, art, media center, music, Spanish, Chinese, PE, and investigative science Lab.


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In addition, students in grades four through six may elect additional fine arts offerings which include (depending on grade level) drama, orchestra, strings and chorus.

As a child moves through grades four to six, there is an added emphasis on organizational skills as individual oral and written reports are required. Our goal is to make our students capable of
productive, independent work and success when they progress into our Upper School.

In grades one through five, students are taught in self-contained classrooms and are grouped for reading and math. Children are enriched and challenged through a variety of activities designed to foster higher level thinking skills. In sixth grade, our Broward campus students work with a team of teachers and are grouped according to reading and math skills.