Academic Programs & Curriculum
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American Heritage Schools and The American Academy offer a curriculum that will enhance and develop students’ strengths and passions to ultimately allow them to reach higher academic goals.

To achieve our mission, American Heritage Schools offers a robust curriculum with the students’ best interests at heart. Our curriculum is written by our curriculum development team of teachers, curriculum directors, and administrators. The process of writing the curriculum is thoroughly planned and executed through cross-campus collaborative workshops. This ensures that all students, regardless of background, ability, or interests, are represented in a curriculum that not only addresses but also transcends content standards. At the same time, our curriculum is standardized and documented to make its implementation in the classroom connected and cohesive yet flexible enough to allow for differentiation. Through ongoing discussion and review, American Heritage Schools dynamic curriculum takes into account research-based instructional goals and our students’ needs.

Curriculum Summary
American Heritage Schools college preparatory program is for bright average to gifted students in grades PK3-12. The American Academy college preparatory program is for average to gifted students K-12 with mild to moderate learning differences.

The curriculum and course offerings are shared by both programs. In addition to core academics, all lower school students at Heritage are immersed in a well-rounded program which includes physical education, computers, foreign language studies of either Spanish, or Mandarin, and fine arts such as 2D and 3D art, general music, and dance. As students enter their intermediate and secondary years, they may choose from more electives such as band, chorus, drama, computer science, and engineering. Electives in high school reach even further to include offerings such as anatomy & physiology, business law, biomedical engineering, and business entrepreneurship & innovation to give students a pre-professional experience.