Meet Dee Solimena has been with American Heritage for 46 years! She is a Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher!

Name: Dee Solimena

Subject and Grade Level Taught: Kindergarten and First Grade

Years at AHS: 46

Most memorable experience at AHS: I remember the day that Dr. Laurie brought a man to my classroom who said he had been in the first grade with me many years ago. I did remember him as being shy, but a very motivated student. He said "Hello, Ms. Solimena, I want you to know you made a lawyer." I said, "But how?". He answered, "You helped me take that important first step, learning to read". This revelation was followed by hugs. I was overcome with happiness.

Favorite Hobbies outside of school: I love music, almost every kind! I love going to concerts and I especially enjoy our performances here at school. I play the flute.

Any notable achievements outside of school? I was the primary caregiver for my father, an Alzheimer's patient, for four years. I wanted him to have an "at home" experience as long as possible. I feel lucky that I was able to spend time with him, which resulted in our becoming even closer. It made me feel very happy that I could respect his wish that he spend his final days at home.

Children’s name and grade and/or when they graduated from AHS? (If applicable) I don't have my own children, but I have had the pleasure of seeing many of my students grow up to lead very successful, happy lives.

Favorite Quote: A kind thought, word, or action creates infinite ripples of caring, consideration, and peace.

Something that might surprise us about you: Even though I don't consider myself an adventuresome person, I really enjoy rollercoaster rides.

Other Comments: I feel that I am a very fortunate person to have found a career that I truly love. As an educator, I've had the privilege of guiding young students, and helping them reach their potential. American Heritage School provides an unparalleled learning experience for its students and many opportunities for growth for its teachers as well. Many thanks to my American Heritage family!