Meet Ashley Torres

Name: Ashley Torres

Job Title: Greeter-Admissions

Describe your job: I get to welcome new families on campus every day and help with the admissions process!

Years at AHS: This is my first year!

Most memorable experience at AHS: Celebrating my birthday with all my new coworkers.

Favorite hobbies outside of school: My favorite hobbies are reading a good book and writing.

Any notable achievements outside of school: Keeping three humans alive seems notable. I'm kidding. I'm still working on this one, come back to me in 5 years! I'm a certified Health and Wellness Coach. That one is fun.

Children's name and grade and/or when they graduated from AHS? (if applicable): Ally (K) Audy (PK3) Annie is 2 she will be here soon.

Favorite quote: "You can make excuses or you can make progress." Chris Hogan

Something that might surprise us about you: I love to sing and I'm pretty ok! Ha ha I also speak Spanish which surprises most people.