Meet Jen Herrera

Patriots TV adds a professional mentor to their team

Jen Herrera

Jen Herrera, a Telly Award winning and four time Emmy nominated journalist, has more than 20 years of journalistic experience in South Florida and is the host of the daily NBC 6 show "6 in the Mix”. Prior to joining NBC6 in 2018, she worked at the local ABC affiliate, WPLG, beginning in 2003 as a news anchor. During her tenure at WPLG, Herrera traveled the country covering national news. Herrera can now add mentor and teacher to her list of accomplishments! AHS is excited to welcome Jen Herrera to Patriots TV at American Heritage Schools, Broward campus.

Herrera, or Mrs. West, as she's known on campus, brings her experience and knowledge of the real world in television to the Patriots TV studio every morning. Her goal is to give the students advice to prepare them not only during their time in high school but also for the future. “I’ve explained to them that so much can happen during live TV. Mistakes  are going to happen and not to beat themselves up over it,” she said. “One rule is to rely on each other and not to throw their coworkers or classmates under the bus!”

Herrera’s experiences with the students have been positive. “They are smart and ambitious,” she said. When they are stuck for story ideas, her advice is to look around them, as there are stories everywhere, even small ones, that need to be told. One of her best pieces of advice is: “Choose your words wisely, always, but especially when there are hot mics around.”

Something she is passionate about is helping the seniors prepare for their college interviews by giving them tips on how to tell their own stories and how to appear comfortable on camera, especially when the nerves set in. 

When asked what was the deciding factor in joining the Patriots TV team, Herrera said, “I was impressed with the setup of the TV studio and the equipment they have to work with. It’s important for the students to learn everything about the broadcast industry, including being behind the scenes, being in front of the camera, producing, and directing. Anything that I can do to help them be successful is a win.”